Empathic people have an incredible ability to draw others toward them and tend to have really charismatic personalities.

They are the kind of people who can read a room, and read your thoughts. Not literally of course, but they can pick up on your body signals and tell how you are feeling.

Don’t try to hide who you are from an empathic person because they’ll be able to see right through you. Empaths have some really unique personality characteristics that others don’t possess.

Let’s take a look, so you know what you are dealing with the next time you encounter this kind of person.

1) They Are Pretty Sensitive

Good or bad, empathic people are very sensitive. They aren’t just sensitive regarding their feelings; they are also sensitive to certain sounds, lights, places, and people.

They take in all of the energy around them, and it can be exhausting for them to be in certain places with certain people at certain times. They are like sponges soaking up everything around them.

2) They Wear Their Heart on Their Sleeve

Empaths are good at a lot of things but keeping their feelings and emotions to themselves is not one of them. And that’s not a bad thing. You’ll always know what you are getting and where you stand with an empath.

They tell it like it is, they say what needs to be said, express emotions openly and freely and don’t worry about what others think of that display of emotion.

They love hard, live hard, play hard, and then drop at the end of the day from exhaustion. They put it all out there, so there’s no question about what they are feeling.

3) Crowded Rooms Are Not For Them

Because empaths absorb so much energy from people, it can be hard for them to be in a crowded room or at a party. It might even be difficult for them to work for large organizations that employ hundreds of people.

Empathic people feel a duty to listen and to engage with others to help them, but this drains them of their energy as well. It’s very interesting to think of someone who cares so much for other people being drained by their acts of giving and listening.

4) They Find Happiness Within

If an empath is feeling down or sad about something, they will spend a great deal of time on their own trying to get to the bottom of those feelings.

They never blame others for how they are feeling; they take ownership of their wild emotions. They understand themselves enough to know that they just need some time to work on things, and they’ll be back in the saddle in no time. Spending time in their own heads and healing their hearts helps them be happier people.

5) Those Feelings Aren’t Going Away

If you know an empathic person, you have probably realized that they aren’t going to check those feelings anytime soon. Their thoughts, emotions, and feelings part of what makes them who they are, and they embrace that about themselves.

Empaths know they can become exhausted from being around too many people or different types of people, but they also know that their characteristics can become exhausting to others as well. They are a lot to handle. Just know that they aren’t going to change. They happen to like the way they are, thank you very much.

6) They Give Great Advice

If you ever have the chance to ask an empathic person for some advice, do it. And take the advice. Because they are such great listeners and because they internalize conversations, they can easily put themselves in your shoes and offer you advice about what they would do.

They can physically imagine themselves doing those things and can evoke emotions to go along with it. Not only will you get some good ear time with an empath, but you might also walk away with some really great solutions to your problems.

7) They Become Distracted Quite Easily

One of the quirkiest things about empaths is that for how focused they are in life, they are actually easily distracted as well. They see all the bright and shiny things in life, and they see the dark corners too.

If they are working on a project that is important to them, they can find room in their life for another project of equal importance. While many people would crumble under such a squirrely personality trait, empaths know that those things caught their attention for a reason and must be attended to.

It’s part of their unique character traits that make them who they are, and they love that about themselves. Nothing gets missed, and nothing gets left behind.

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