Are you the type of person who doesn’t overthink? You live each moment without regret and appreciate the transient nature of life?

No, this doesn’t mean you’re weird. Far from it. You’re actually more in touch with reality and experiencing life in a healthy way.

You’re what spiritual gurus describe as “highly mindful”.

The funny thing is, you probably don’t know you’re mindful, either.

If you think this might be you, you’ll identify with these 7 signs:

1) You hold your thoughts lightly

You understand that your thoughts don’t really mean anything. They’re not representative of what your opinion is or even what your experience of reality is.

You realize that our brains are simply thought producing machines and there’s not much you can do to control it.

However, this gives you enormous liberation from conditioned thought patterns.

You’re able to observe your mind without judging it, which is exactly what you’re meant to be doing when you practice mindfulness.

This is a key difference between mindful people and people who are lost in their mind.

You’re able to recognize that you’re not the mind and you don’t have to believe anything it produces.

2) You feel what you’re feeling

You understand that being perpetually positive is impossible. You can’t be happy all the time.

This enables you to accept your emotions when you’re feeling down or angry.

As a consequence, you’re able to move on from negative emotions quickly.

Yes, we all experience negative emotions. You’re just able to deal with them mindfully, rather than hiding them away until they come back to bite you in the ass later on in life.

3) You accept the transient nature of things

The most fundamental law in life is that everything is constantly changing. Nothing is permanent.

You understand that everything around you will eventually change. The season changes, the weather changes, relationships change. We’re all alive and we’ll eventually die.

The most futile thing is to reject the natural force of change. This can cause a whole myriad of problems like anxiety and stress.

A battle against nature is a battle that none of us will ever win.

This enables you to accept the bad moments because they won’t last forever and to cherish and hold onto the good moments.

4) You naturally meditate

You love quiet time with yourself. This enables you to reflect on what’s going on in your life and really feel and understand your emotions.

It allows you to recharge and be the vibrant being that you are.

5) You do one thing at a time

You hate multi-tasking. You know that this leads to less quality work and a less enjoyable life. To really achieve the things you want to achieve, you know that it’s going to take your full concentration.

This is why you organize your day so you can focus on each task fully and presently.

6) You turn everyday tasks into mindful moments

Much of life is taken up by routine tasks like doing the dishes or washing the clothes.

But for you, this is a chance to really enjoy the moment and have a whole new experience of what most people would consider “boring”.

When you’re in the shower, you love feeling the beautiful sensation of warm water touching your body.

7) You protect and nurture your mind

We’ve all been given a body and a mind, and you know that it’s your responsibility to take care of it.

That’s why you love eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. You exercise, and take care of your mind by not putting yourself under too much pressure.

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