It used to be hard to know if you were working in a toxic work environment or not; but these days, people put a lot of emphasis on creating a culture that is inclusive, candid and supportive.

It’s not hard to spot a toxic workplace anymore.

People share their horror stories on social media and have become comfortable confronting coworkers about their bad attitudes. If you are not sure, here are 7 sure signs that your workplace is toxic.

You Only Hear About the Bad Things

If you only see your supervisor, manager or boss when the shit hits the fan, you probably work in a toxic environment.

If you cringe at the sight of your manager walking toward you because you know you are “gonna get it”, you probably want to think about finding another job.

The Ladder Has Too Many Rungs

A lot of companies have “too many cooks in the kitchen” when it comes to managers, middle managers, assistant managers, and assistants to the assistant managers.

Whoa, how can you even keep track of who you are supposed to report to? If your company has more management than staff, something is terribly wrong.

Money is the Only Thing That Matters

At the end of the day, all businesses need to make money. If your company starts putting your needs above their own, it’s time to walk away.

Sure, they need to make money, but they can’t make it off your blood, sweat, and tears without giving you a little something in return. And no, the paycheque is never enough for the kind of work you put in. They’ll slash positions and lay people off if it means a healthy bottocm line. You don’t want to associate with people like that anyway.

Bullies are Plentiful

It seems that the only people who get ahead in your company get their crawling on the backs of others and don’t help people succeed. Bullies or brown-nosers will always put themselves first and management loves them for it. Sound familiar? Move on.

No One Cares Anymore

When attendance goes down and sick time goes up, you can bet your bottom dollar that people are losing their give-a-crap factor. When people stop caring, it shows in their work. And this can cause others to lose their interest in work, resulting in a whole office full of people who do the bare minimum and nothing really gets done.

All Work and No Play

Enough said. Work needs to have some element of enjoyment. If you aren’t allowed to talk to your coworkers or crack a joke once in awhile, you might want to get your resume ready.

Competition is Fierce

Not only is competition cut-throat in a toxic workplace, it’s also encouraged. If you have managers that want to see you crush your co-workers for the great good of the company, it might be time to consider a career change.

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