A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that relationships are supposed to be easy.

But that simply isn’t the case—we’re all unique, complicated, and complex individuals, and it’s not always going to be simple to get along with each other.

It takes a lot of work, but there are certain strategies that can help you out, even if you’re not a hopeless romantic

Show your partner that the relationship matters to you with these seven strategies that can help make your relationship happier in ten minutes or less:

1) Say Thank You

You know all those little things that your partner does for you that don’t really matter? They do matter.

Fluffing up your pillows, choosing your favorite, song, even preparing your clothes out in the morning.

Don’t take these things for granted—psychologists have found that by expressing gratitude even for the smallest things, you can help make your relationship last.

Why? Because gratitude is like a fire; all it takes is a single spark, and it’ll start a chain reaction of happiness.

2) Listen and Give Feedback

This isn’t exclusive to romantic relationships, but for all relationships. Whenever you want to improve the way you interact with someone, just improve the way you converse with them.

Let them speak, hear them out, and respond directly to what they said. You would be surprised at how often you fail even this.

3) Divide Chores Around the House

One major cause of stress in a relationship is when one person is doing more chores than the other. That person will feel used and taken for granted, and will slowly resent their partner for it.

One expert recommends talking about your chores with your partner, and perhaps swapping them. This will help that feeling that of being too overburdened and not getting any help.

4) The 10-Minute Rule

The 10-minute rule comes from Terri Orbuch, a relationship expert and professor in sociology.

She recommends that every day you and your partner set aside ten minutes, no more or less, dedicated to talking about anything that is on their minds.

This gives both partners the opportunity to share something that might be bothering them, instead of letting it build up.

5) “Just Like Me”

Chade-Meng Tan created the “Search Inside Yourself” course for emotional intelligence, where he discusses the “Just Like Me” exercise.

This exercise involves taking time everyday to put yourself in your partner’s shoes: remind yourself that they have pains, anxieties and needs, just like you, and they are suffering as well.

Neither of you want to fight—only through seeing it through your partner’s eyes can you realize your faults.

6) Discover Your Partner

One psychologist found in his research the truth that none of us will admit: we don’t know our partner as well as we should.

So he gives us this simple suggestion—don’t assume that you know everything about your partner. Never stop listening, and never stop asking.

7) Hug and Kiss

Could it get any more obvious? As much as we may love our partners, sometimes we forget to show them, even in the easiest ways.

Research has found that people love being hugged or kissed by their partner in the morning, and the significance these small physical gestures have on the overall relationship is too much to ignore.

These tiny changes in your life all take ten minutes or less, but they can help you build a lifetime of happiness with the person you love.

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