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7 Habits of Truly Happy People (That They Never Talk About)

Do you think that happiness arises because of luck and circumstance? Think again.

Happiness is a mindset and like most things in life, it takes effort and continued practice to cultivate it. The good news is, we’re all capable of finding it. We just have to look within ourselves and develop the right attitude.

So if you’re looking to improve your ability to find happiness, check out these 7 things happy people do differently.

1) Happy people find balance in their lives

The consistent theme in those who are happy is that they are content with what they have and spend little time stressing over things they don’t. Unhappy people do the opposite: they spend too much time thinking about what they don’t have. Happy people live balanced lives and make time for things that matter to them, whether it’s their career, health or religion.

2) Happy people abide by the golden rule

You’ve probably heard the saying “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.” Happy people truly embody this rule. They treat others with respect and are sensitive to their thoughts and feelings. They’re compassionate.

3) Happy people don’t sweat the small stuff

They let go of their little worries in life because they realize that they are simply a waste of energy. Bad things happen to all people, and happy people realize this so they can take it in their stride and move on.

4) Happy people take responsibility for their actions

Happy people realize that no one is perfect and neither are they. When they screw up, they admit it. They recognize their faults and work on them. But what they don’t do is complain and dwell on their weaknesses. They simply move on and don’t waste energy on what they can’t change.

5) Happy people surround themselves with other happy people

One defining characteristic of happy people is that they hang out with other happy people. They gravitate to people who are positive and who will encourage them to improve.

6) Happy people are honest with themselves and others

People who are happy often exhibit the virtues of honesty and trustworthiness. They give honest feedback and expect the same in return. They respect people who give an honest opinion.

7) Happy people are passionate

Folks who are happy accept challenges and use them as opportunities to learn and grow.They turn negatives into positives and make the best out of seemingly bad situations. They don’t dwell on things they can’t control, rather they seek solutions and creative ways of overcoming obstacles in their way.

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