7 essential habits of highly mindful people (that they never talk about)

I think we can all agree that we want to be more mindful in our lives.

Not only does practising mindfulness increase your sense of calm, but it can make you more focused on what’s important in life.

The question is, how do you actually go about “increasing” mindfulness in your daily life?

The truth is, it’s not exactly difficult, as long as you remain consistent and cultivate the right habits.

Here are 7 habits of mindful people that they rarely talk about:

1) They hold their thoughts lightly

Practising mindfulness literally means taking a step back from your mind and watching it work. Highly mindful people do this constantly and come to the profound realization that they don’t have to believe all their thoughts. This gives a mindful person enormous liberation from conditioned thought patterns and negative self-talk.

2) They feel what they’re feeling

A highly mindful person knows that it’s impossible to be perpetually happy. To experience the good, you also have to experience the bad. Therefore, they don’t avoid or resist negative emotions. Instead, they embrace and accept them because they realize that this is the only way they’ll be able to truly move on.

3) They accept the transient nature of things

A mindful person knows that the only fundamental law in life is constant change. Nothing is permanent.

This means that a mindful person knows that when they’re experiencing something negative, it won’t last forever. Similarly, they make the most of joyful moments as they know they’re fleeting.

4) They meditate

Meditation is a crucial practice for any mindful person. Even if it’s just for 10 minutes a day, it’s a time they can be quiet with themselves to experience true peace and serenity.

They also use this time to observe their mind and experience true liberation from conditioned thought patterns.

5) They do one thing at a time

Despite what you’re led to believe, multi-tasking doesn’t make you more productive. It actually limits you and the quality of your work. Mindful people know that giving your 100% focus to one thing is the most fulfilling way to live life. Not only that, but it’s the only way to be more productive and get better quality work done.

6) They turn everyday tasks into mindful moments

When you think about it, much of our daily work is taken up by routine tasks like having a shower. But mindful people flip the script on these routine tasks by begin fully absorbed in it. They use the trick of the “beginner’s mind” and pretend that it’s their first time doing it. What happens? They experience awe and gratitude!

7) They protect and nurture their bodies and mind

A mindful person realizes that the only temple is their body. Therefore, they protect it and keep it healthy. They avoid foods that do damage and instead focus on healthy nutrients to support them day-to-day.

They treat their minds and bodies with love and respect, knowing that being kind to themselves is a gesture of love towards all life and makes mindful living much easier.