7 reasons why everyone should sleep in the nude

woman sleeping naked
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We don’t mean when you’re sleeping with someone.

We’re talking about putting on your birthday suit when you’re lounging in your bed alone on a lazy Sunday evening.

No jammies. No underwear. No nothing. Just you, your skin, and your bed.

Sleeping naked might not be a novel idea but it sure isn’t a very popular one either. A lot of people still confine themselves to clothes, not knowing what they’re missing out on.

Aside from maximum comfort and having to deal with less clothes to wash, there are tons of real health benefits you could get from sleeping naked.

Here are 7 reasons why you should totally sleep naked:

1) You’re Breathing Out Your Sex Organs

Sleeping without clothes on does more than just regulate your body temperature.

For men, a cooler body means a better environment for the testicles.

Without the suffocating heat and dampness, the sperm is kept healthier, reducing the risk of sexual dysfunction and other reproductive disorders.

Similarly, airing out women’s lady parts prevents yeast infections especially during summer.

Even the lighter fabrics like satin and cotton can create moisture and facilitate bacterial growth.

When you sleep in the nude, the temperature is dryer and cooler, both of which are the perfect conditions for the vagina to breathe.

2) It Can Improve Your Sleep

Sleeping might be an easy affair to most people but there are a few of us who struggle to get some shut eye.

Whether it’s a shirt bunched up uncomfortably underneath you or your pants falling below your waist, the little irritating things are just lurking around the corner, waiting to snatch at an unfortunate rester.

These things might not sound too bad but to the light sleeper, these interruptions are a waking nightmare.

Sleeping naked gives you the ultimate freedom to roll around in your own bed without feeling beads, zippers, and buttons jutting out from nowhere. You do

3) Helps Improve Skin Conditions

Our bodies spend so much time covered in clothing. Can you imagine the amount of dirt, grime, and dust that has piled on top of our skin? Pair those up with sweat and it’s bound to get really unhygienic really fast.

Aside from taking the usual night shower, sleeping naked ensures us that our sheets don’t come in contact with foreign bodies.

After all, the bed should be a sanctuary of rest, not a breeding ground for dust mites.

Come nightfall, your skin should be allowed to breathe freely and without restrictions. Other parts of the body like our armpits, feet, knees, and neck need the air to regain natural moisture.

Sleeping naked also prevents smells from accumulating in these areas, resulting to better personal hygiene.

4) It Puts You In A Better Mood

Have you ever been awoken at 3 AM only to find yourself sweating in bed? Most interruptions are caused by fluctuating body temperatures: sleep with the cover on and you’re too hot, sleep with the cover off and you’re too warm.

As a solution, we often stick our feet out and that exposure provides us the most comfortable sleeping temperature. It’s a perfect combination of coolness and warmth and the same time.

So what’s stopping you from exposing the rest of your body? If you feel relaxed exposing your feet, just imagine how grateful your body will be for sleeping without clothing?

Sleeping naked relaxes sore muscles and gives the pores ample air to breathe.

5) You Get Better Growth Hormones

A hormone called melatonin thrives in temperatures below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Sleeping in cooler environments every night can boost the production of this hormone, which is used by the body to slow down the effects of aging.

Every time you are sleeping in your birthday suit, you’re literally helping your body stave old age.

6) You’re Giving Your Body A Break

After a long day outside, nothing beats the feeling of complete freedom. You don’t have to worry about pants or underwear.

This is especially sweet news to women: no bra to hinder your late night slumber. It’s just you snuggled comfortably between your sheets: no extra covers, no extra heat generated.

It’s that kind of cool, free feeling that we need every now and then. Having this kind of sleep on a regular basis might just what you need to improve your mood.

7) You Save A Lot Of Money During Summer

Summer is the absolute worst time for heavy sleepers. Suddenly, everything feels stickier, damper, and less comfortable.

Even after cold showers, you’re bound to find yourself sweaty and angry on your bed at midnight.

Ditch the pajamas and embrace the nude. What’s the point of keeping another layer between you and nice, cool air in the sweltering heat? This way, you can save a lot of your precious money from cooling systems.

With this information, we hope that you can join the night time commando team and enjoy a better way of sleeping.

Still hesitant? Just try it one time and see if you like it. Fair warning: once you sleep with your clothes off, you’re never sleeping with them on ever again.

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