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How to be happy when you’re single: 5 important steps

Just ended a long-term relationship? Been single for a while? Whichever it is, it’s common to feel lonely and confused.

When we feel this way, it’s natural to desire someone or something to fill that void of emptiness.

If you’re lucky, perhaps you’ll find right person or the right thing. But if not, you’ll have to find a way to work through these negative emotions.

With being single so common nowadays, many people are wondering: Is there something wrong with me? Will I be single forever?

The more interesting question:

Can I be happy even though I haven’t found my partner yet?

The truth is, yes you can!

Here are 5 ways to find meaning and happiness even when you’re single

1) Care more about your family

Yes I know, you’ve heard this before. But the truth is, family keeps you grounded and focused on what’s important.

Caring doesn’t mean you have to provide them with luxury gifts or money. It’s simply making a quick call on the weekend or a message to your Dad asking how life is. It’s listening to your Mom’s stories of what’s happening in your hometown or updating her about your life.

Your family will bring you back to reality and help you feel calm and centered. Your perspective on life will be colored with optimism and love.

2) Try a new interest or hobby

Get out there and try something new. You don’t have to do something that’s totally out of your comfort zone. It could be something as simple as taking a dancing class or cooking class.

Now is the time. Just do whatever interests you and allows you to experience something new.

Once you’ve found something that makes you happy, keep doing it! Focus on yourself and what brings you joy and fulfilment.

3) Focus on yourself

Instead of pushing yourself to hang out with others when you’re not in the mood, use that time for yourself. 

Go to the hair salon. Paint your nails. Make yourself feel beautiful. Read a new book or watch a movie. Do things that make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Spending time with alone allows you to discover qualities about yourself that you love, and some that you’d like to change.

All of them will help you understand that you don’t always need to be around others.

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4) Spend quality time with your friends

Friends will be with you whether you’re in a relationship or single. They’ll give you much-needed support as you go through life

So don’t just jump straight into dates with random guys. Spend that time with your friends having coffee and talking or nights out with the girls. Enjoy it! Friends will help you realize true happiness and the person you really are.

5) Appreciate what you have

Being single sometimes makes you feel jealous and compare yourself to others. Instead, look at your life and appreciate what you have right now: your family, your friends, your job, your house, your collections, your hobbies, your health. You’ll see that you’re still luckier than so many people.

Focusing on the positive will shift your perspective to one of gratitude and happiness.

Integrate these 5 steps into your single life and you’ll be on a path to deep happiness. And if you do eventually want “the one” to show up, when he or she does, you’ll be that much more desirable because happiness is incredibly attractive.

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