5 Things NOT to do When Practicing Meditation

I’m sure you’ve probably read that meditation is good for you. From reducing stress and anxiety to enhancing confidence and self-esteem, there isn’t much that go wrong by giving it a try.

However, many people get confused about how to actually practice. So below, we’re going to go through the most common mistakes people make when they’re starting out.

1) Doing the wrong kind of meditation

No two minds are the same, so it makes sense that meditation practices aren’t a one size fits all. What works for you may not work for someone else.

It’s important to get clear with what you’re struggling with and what you want meditation to do for you. Ask yourself these questions: Is anxiety a problem for you? Are you in need of an energy booster? Are you looking to overcome grief? All these experiences call for different forms of meditation.

2) Expecting miracles overnight.

People don’t go to the gym and expect to lift 300 pounds over night. It’s the same with meditation. It takes time to achieve the benefits you’ve read about it. Start small and continually improve.

3) Expecting all thoughts to disappear from your mind.

We’ve been blessed with this amazing mind and body, and the goal isn’t to turn off this amazing ability. We all have lives and relationships and these require thoughts and connection.

The goal of meditation is simply to build competency around being your own traffic controller with regards to the thoughts that come into our minds.

You want to choose what you focus and put your attention towards so you aren’t knocked off your game by the monkey mind chatter.

4) Believing it won’t work.

Don’t doubt the power of meditation. Countless research studies have shown incredible benefits for your mind and body. You’ve just got to keep at it to reap the rewards.

5) Going at it on your own

In the eastern world, meditation used to be taught by a teacher or guru. It’s not easy to do it all alone! Luckily, there are countless resources online, from courses to books to articles. Utilize all the wisdom you can find!


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