5 things that make you attractive to mosquitoes

If you’ve ever wondered why mosquitoes bite some people more than others, you are not alone. It can be frustrating for some people to be outside, especially during the summer months in some parts of the world, when the mosquitoes are very active.

There are several reasons why a mosquito might enjoy you as lunch over another person, and there are five things that you are doing that can cause your encounters with mosquitoes to increase.

Of course, not all of these things can be changed, but they can contribute to how often you get bit by those pesky insects.

1) Have a Certain Blood Type

While mosquitoes aren’t overly picky about who they bite on a regular basis, there is some evidence that people with the blood type “O” seem to be bitten more often than people with other blood types.

In a study that was conducted, researchers concluded that mosquitoes chose people with blood types “O” over “A” more often.

Obviously, you can’t change your blood type, but knowing that it might be drawing them to you is helpful in clarifying why you are a target.

2) Keep Breathing

When we breathe out, we omit carbon dioxide, which is highly attractive to mosquitoes. They have a sensor that helps them determine the presence of carbon dioxide in the air, which draws them to people and animals.

If you are a heavy breather, you may find that you are getting bitten more often than someone who is not breathing heavily or quickly.

Carbon dioxide mixed with your body’s odor can draw mosquitoes to you more often than others.

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3) Exercise More Often

Research has shown that the presence of lactic acid in our skin can create the perfect biting ground for mosquitoes. People who have just finished exercising and who are omitting large amounts of lactic acid from muscle strain and use may be more susceptible to mosquito luncheons than people who exercise less.

4) Become Pregnant

Pregnant women can breathe up to 21% more than women (or men) who are not pregnant due to the increased blood flow and exertion required to carry about the extra weight and baby.

Pregnant women will tell you how much more they sweat and how tired their muscles are, so the increased breathing, lactic acid and maybe even their blood type can have an impact on how frequently they get bitten by mosquitoes.

5) Drink Beer

One study reported that people who drank beer with at least an alcohol level of 5.5% were more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes than people who weren’t drinking beer.

The thought seems to be that the level of ethanol in the blood and secreting through the skin might have had something to do with it but the jury is still out on this one. There could be a number of other factors including type of beer or alcohol, and how much was consumed.

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