Here are 5 reasons why people who spend time alone tend to be smarter and stronger

If you ever feel guilty for trying to spend a few hours alone each week, don’t. There is a lot of evidence to show that people who spend time alone are better at problem solving, being independent, and are more creative than people who are surrounded by others all the time.

When we try to avoid our own thoughts and feelings by being with others all the time, it clouds who we really are and doesn’t give us a chance to find our own way in life.

Here are five reasons why people who spend time alone tend to be smarter and stronger than those of us who gravitate towards the crowds.

1) It will give you more confidence and makes you more independent

People who spend a great deal of time alone are often more confident because they don’t rely on feedback from others to determine their moods, attitudes, abilities or decisions.

When you are alone, you have just yourself to rely on and that means that you have to learn to make decisions on your own. This can lead to more independence as well because when you spend time alone and build your confidence in your own abilities, you can set out to do more things with your life in a solo way.

When you take care of yourself, your home, your bills, your bank account, your meals, your adventures, your car, your cat – everything – you feel like you can do anything.

2) It will boost your productivity and help you get things done

Spending time alone means you don’t get caught up in everyone’s drama and you don’t get distracted with things that are not as important to you.

People who spend a lot of time alone know how they want to use their time and are generally better at meeting deadlines and targets because they can work free from distraction.

Have you ever tried to write a term paper with a toddler running around your kitchen? It can be hell.

But have someone babysit the toddler for a few hours and you will be surprised at how much more you can get done in a few short hours.

3) You can be more creative

When you spend a lot of time alone, you might find yourself having more freedom to do things you actually love doing, instead of just the things you need to do.

People who spend more time alone tend to have more time to be creative with their projects, homes and goals. If you like to paint or sew, but never have time because your family is always at you for supper or errands or soccer games or hockey, setting aside several hours a week for “me time” can really improve your creativity and productivity.

Don’t reduce your creative side to being less important that the rest of your life. Creativity breathes life into people so make room for it in your life and spend more time alone doing the things you love.

4) You can clear your mind and reduce anxiety and stress

Without all of the outside noise that life throws at us, we can really sit with our thoughts and think through life’s problems.

People who spend time alone are often good at keeping calm in stressful situations because they are only concerned with their own thoughts and feelings and don’t get caught up in the drama that is going on around them.

5) Improve your problem solving ability

When you have time and space to think through a problem you can begin to see it more clearly than if you were working in a noisy or populated environment.

People who spend a lot of time alone tend to be better at problem solving because they have the time to formulate patterns, see issues from a higher level than those close to the problem, and have the time to work through options.

If they were in a room filled with people, as many people are at work, the pressure is on to find a solution fast. But people who spend time alone can work through issues at their own pace, in their head, and present solutions in a more organized way.



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