We all have regrets. They are part and parcel of what we call being human. However, sometimes you wish you could just jump in a time machine and tell yourself what to do or say because opportunities don’t always come around again.

As posed to the Reddit community, here’s the question these 37 people very much had an answer to: “What did you realize too late?”

1. “Getting in shape when you’re younger is a lot easier than doing it when you’re older.” —       Montification

2. “That getting married is not always the next/right step.” — whatisupdoge

3. “That if you’re ‘smart but lazy,’ you’re not very smart.” — Firevine

4. “That a lot of girls have stretch marks and that I shouldn’t be so self conscious…” — Pumpk-inception

5. ‘I only smoke when i’m drunk’ turns into all the time.” — KittenBoy1

6. “Not making a decision is still making a choice.” — underscoreperiod

7. “Reading books isn’t boring. I just needed to find something I liked.” — IshidaRocks

8. “That Ashleigh didn’t invite me over just to watch a movie with her.” — NoahtheRed

9. “You’ll never regret traveling.”Mattrix2

10. “That my OCD is extremely severe.” — writeathesis

11. “I should have been selfish. I should have done the things I needed for myself.” —sady_smash

12. “That its never too late to change yourself…” — Sticky_Z

13. “That brushing your teeth is actually really important.” — DocHeo

14. “No point in getting upset about anything you have no control over.” — Iggeh

15. “Getting tattoos of the band you like when your 16, on your wrists is a bad decision” —johnsmarba

16. “It’s dangerous to have one single person as the sole focus of your life. If it falls away, what do you have left?” — Space4Rent

17. “That money won’t fix my problems, it’s better to figure out yourself and be ok with yourself without money first” — Chuckhemmingway

18. “That blood family does not always have your back more than your chosen friends do…”wanderingsong

19. “The importance of having strong credit” — windburner

20. “GO TO CLASS” — lansun

21. “Let go of the fear, show vulnerability and everything will work itself out with the free flow of information. Empathy can only occur with open communication.” — tresmonos

22. “That the worst a girl could’ve said was ‘no’ and it wouldn’t have killed me.” — lau80

23. “Girls know when you are looking at their boobs.” — Protoslayer

24. “That student loan debt will hurt me more than my diploma will benefit me.” —flushed_nuts

25. “That I should have enjoyed my childhood and not tried to rush through it.” —GatewayDefault

26. “That he actually was hitting on me.” — kaseykaseykasey

27. “Girl signed her number in highschool yearbook. Didn’t realize until 5 years later.” kunomchu

28. “Never let someone convince you that you’re something you’re not.” — blanket-burrito

29. “Having connections is the one of the most important factors for being successful.” —axialcartographer

30. “Arguing too often about the little things can be a sign that something bigger is wrong.” — Space4Rent

31. “Being the quiet, mysterious one doesn’t get the ladies.” — TheMelroseDiner

32. “Getting your last job will be harder than getting your first one.” — Issyquah

33. “That my ‘friend’ is a bully…” — Fairy_floss84

34. “That it really doesn’t matter what other people think. Do what you think is right, do what makes you happy.” — Joshua217

35. “Money comes and goes. Time just goes. It’s not my quote I got it from an imgur post a few weeks ago.” — chrislee0123

36. “The people you care about aren’t always going to be around. You won’t always have tomorrow to spend with them.” — iambien

37. “‘The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.’ Love that quote.” — imanomeletteAMA

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