Have you ever reflected on your past behavior and wondered why you acted the way you did?

Maybe it was a toxic relationship. Or maybe it was overthinking things you can’t control.

Whatever it was, if you’re like me, you can’t believe you acted the way you did.

But this is a great reaction to have, as it means you’ve learned a lot and you’re now stronger at dealing with life’s adversities.

Here are 30 signs you’re stronger and more mature than you used to be.

1) You only care about action. You don’t care how ‘cute’ or ‘nice’ other people’s words are.

2) Self-care is your top priority. You don’t care about making other people money and instead focus more on your own wellbeing.

3) You’ve given up playing peacemaker. You used to always want everyone to get along. But now, if you’ve got issues with other people, you sort it out yourself and don’t get involved in other people’s toxicity.

4) You no longer absorb negative energy from others. If other ares going to complain about their life in front of you, and won’t consider your advice, you’re out.

5) You’ve let go of toxic people. You’ve had a good hard think about who was actually adding to the quality of your life. If they weren’t, you simply went ghost on them.

6) No more rationalizing things that do not require rationalization. “Oh why are you dating that guy? He’s not very good looking”. Shut up!

7) Not answering texts right away. You can’t respond in one second anymore. You’re a person and you have a life.

8) You going home when you want to go home. You used to stay out of courtesy for others, but now, if you’re not feeling it anymore, you won’t hesitate to leave.

9) You taken control of your own narrative. If others speak incorrectly about your life, you won’t hesitate to let them know.

10) You break other people’s expectations. You now know that instead of fitting into the small box that society wants to stereotype you in, you instead do what you want to do. Let’s be honest, those boxes are too damn limiting!

11) You change your opinions. Life is about growth and if you’re not changing your mind, then you’re not really living.

12) You’ve given up getting involved in Facebook arguments. You’ve realized it was a huge waste of time.

13) But you won’t hesitate to get into an argument in real life. Complacency is for losers. If people go against your beliefs, you’re going to stand up for what you believe in.

14) You’re not drinking yourself silly ever again. There’s a stage where alcohol is good – say after 2-3 drinks – but when you drink 10 plus drinks, you’ve realized that you lose money and brain cells and gain nothing.

16) You’ve realized that over consumption of anything generally isn’t healthy.

17)You’ve let go of what other people think of you. You couldn’t care less anymore. You are who you are and if other people can’t accept that, they can get lost!

18) You post whenever you want to post on social media. You used to care about what people think of you on Facebook. These days, you simply say whatever is on your mind. Why not!

19) You engage in creative exercises because they’re fun.

20) You feeling okay saying no. Nobody likes a yes man that can’t deliver on their promises.

21) You’re comfortable saying “I have no idea what you’re talking about” when you really have no idea what they’re talking about.

22) You love showing off your body because you couldn’t care less if other people find your body ugly. 

23) You’re always being kind to others, because let’s be honest putting others down is simply a sign of insecurity.

24) You don’t care if people don’t like you. If there aren’t at least a few, then you’re not standing up what you believe in.

25) You thrive on having doubters. You don’t dwell on it anymore. Instead it gives you fuel to prove the haters wrong.

26) You’re taking action to achieve your goals. You don’t daydream about achieving your goals. You go out and take action!

27) You’ve  let go of people who only make you an option. 

28) You don’t get offended when someone rejects you. There’s always going to be a few. You embrace it and have fun with it.

29) You’ve kicked laziness in the ass. You only get life once, so you’re going for everything you’ve ever wanted!

30) You no longer resort to copying others. There’s no formula for success. We’re all different and we all have unique personalities and circumstances, so you embrace it and figure it out yourself.

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