Love gets a bad rep these days; after all, what are the chances of actually find love in a world that is as narcissistic and superficial as it is now?

Well, if you are a hopeless romantic, you believe more than anything that we can fix the mess we’ve made for ourselves and we can find love together.

What is a Hopeless Romantic?

hopeless romantic

You might think that hopeless romantics are just those women who sit around their small apartments with their cats and tubs of ice cream waiting for prince charming to knock on their door… and you wouldn’t be wrong.

But there is a lot more to being a hopeless romantic than you might realize.

Life and love and possibility are all around us and you might be surprised to find that hopeless romantics can see all of it.

The’re always looking for love.

Check out this list of 24 signs that you might be a hopeless romantic and be glad if you are. Those people are living amazingly happy and optimistic lives.

24 signs you’re a hopeless romantic

1) You have no threshold for watching cheesy romantic comedies where they guy always gets the girl and they live happily ever after.

2) You hope the flowers walking through the door at work are for you. Even if you don’t have a partner. It could happen.

3) You take care of everything and everyone, including their belongings, stray cats, birds, and more.

4) You always find yourself staring lovingly at babies, beautiful things, and may fielding weird looks from your friends as you make living “awwwww” noises at them. The babies and beautiful things, not your friends.

5) You often dream of living out the end of movies you watch, including going so far as to get out the map and plan the cross country drive with your friend where you narrowly escape danger and learn some valuable life lessons.

6) Everything makes you cry, even Youtube videos.

7) You are not against getting dressed up for a fancy dinner or night on the town and you encourage people to do it more, including their children. Those little tuxedos and fancy dresses melt your heart.

8) You remain optimistic that the people in your life will find what they want, including jobs, love, and happiness. You just want what’s best for everyone.

9) As a hopeless romantic, you know that love will come your way too even if you don’t have it right now. You know that the universe will bring you love soon.

10) You are genuinely happy for people who have found love and share it on social media – you ain’t hating!

11) You’ve cried a time or two, or maybe more over an incredible long song. Actually, let’s be honest, you’ve cried over a bad love song.

12) You know that when the next big romantic movie hits theatres you are going to trying to talk your friends into going with you – but you’ll go alone if you don’t find someone to join you.

13) You’ve put your video streaming services to the test by racking up rows and rows of cheesy romantic movies you’ve watched…ten times, or more.

14) As a child, you married your stuffed animals and bears on more than one occasion and wanted them to be just as happy as you imagined yourself to be.

15) When people get down on love and marriage, you morph into a cheerleader for everything love and want to get people to turn the other cheek!

16) It makes you truly sad when people you know and love breakup, or you know, when celebrities break up and it’s in the news. Same difference.

17) You have favorite famous celebrity couples, who might not even be couples – but they were in movies you loved. And that’s enough for you.

18) In a relationship, you want to scream how much you love someone from the rooftops, and at the dinner table, and in the parking lot at Walmart. You can’t help it.

19) You love everything about life, even the hard stuff. You feel lucky just to be experiencing it.

20) You still cry when Bambi’s mother gets shot.

21) You see the beauty in everything around you and have maintained childlike enthusiasm for life. It means you get the most out of life all the time and can see how happy people are all around you, even when you don’t feel so optimistic yourself.

22) You believe in magic. Period. And no one is going to change your mind.

23) You’d get love and everything about love tattooed on your body if you could.. Could you?

24) You love everything you do, from preparing a meal to washing the dishes. You are grateful for all of it.

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