20 things you can stop worrying about (because they won’t matter in the long run)

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It’s easy to get sucked into the frustrations and annoyances of the day. We tend to get too easily offended by a friend or colleague or feel embarrassed about something because we care too much about what others think of us. 

However, when you take a moment to examine the causes of our daily anxieties, annoyances, and fears, it becomes clear that these things are momentary.

In 5, 10, or even 30 years, here are 20 things won’t matter at all.

1) Daily frustrations.

Not only will these not matter in 20 years, they likely won’t matter in 2 days. When you can recognize this, you can live above the daily drama of many other people and stay positive.

2) Failures that make you feel self-conscious.

Throughout life you realize that sometimes you succeed and sometimes you fail. Failure is a chance to learn. You can’t expect things to turn out perfectly all the time.

3) Fantasies about perfection.

By wasting this energy on striving to create something that is only an ideal, you’ll waste the time you have for actual things.

4) Being worried when you try something new.

By having confidence that you can do something new, you can start off on the right foot instead of spending time anticipating it anxiously.

5) Thinking about what’s in it for you.

As your life goes on, you will realize that giving to others actually helps you receive much more than if you’re doing things selfishly.

6) Not being part of your community.

You may think that supporting causes online is enough, but sooner or later you’ll realize that when you really care about something, supporting in person is a much better way to practice what you preach.

7) Pressure to make a big difference on the world.

You need patience to allow yourself time to learn, take baby steps, and make the right connections. You will make a difference, but it won’t happen overnight.

8) Thinking that quick-fixes will work.

When it comes to making big changes, or dealing with big challenges, you just need to put in hard work.

9) Packing your schedule.

Right now it might seem “lame” if you aren’t constantly doing exciting things. However, when you leave room for yourself, you leave room for spontaneity and rest.

10) Controlling things.

The longer you live, the more you realize how little you can control. Trust that things will happen as they should.

11) Being the victim.

By taking responsibility of your own life and happiness, you give yourself permission to make changes that will benefit you.

12) Making everyone like you.

The number of people you pander to and earn approval from will not help you to be successful. Your own persistence, conviction, and sense of self will.

13) Saving people.

While it’s important to be kind, enabling others who have a victim mentality will help neither you nor them. It’s not your job to tell them, but it’s also not your job to save them.

14) The selfishness of others.

People often put themselves first. Detaching from other’s selfish choices will keep you more realistic and liberated.

15) The importance of winning arguments.

Sometimes the best thing to do is take a step back and really look at if the argument is worth it or not. It’s mostly not.

16) Judging others.

Everyone does stupid things sometimes. You wouldn’t want another person to judge you for a mistake you made, so give them the benefit of the doubt.

17) Obsession with physical beauty.

Beauty ultimately has nothing to do with how we look physically. The way you make others feel is what will really make you beautiful.

18) Luxury.

Things are fun, but the real meaning in life comes from what can’t be bought.

19) Shallow relationships.

Our time on earth is limited and popularity because of shallow acquaintances doesn’t give much meaning to this short existence.

20) Fantasizing about the future.

At the end of life you won’t remember all the things you hoped it’d be, you’ll remember all the wonderful ways it was in the moment.

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