15 traits of a powerful woman everyone admires

Ah, the powerful woman. Every girl wants to grow up to be like her and every man wants to date her.

She knows what she wants and she isn’t afraid to go and get it.

While she might have been through a lot in life, she’s learned from her mistakes and she won’t let anyone bring her down.

Below I’ve prepared a list of positive character traits of a powerful woman that everyone would do well to pay attention to.

The more traits you have of these, the better position you’ll be in life.

1. Independent

A powerful woman takes responsibility for her life.

She owns her decisions and mistakes.

She is clearly not someone that is helpless or cannot care for herself. She’s in complete control of her life and makes the best decisions she can for a better future.

She only focuses on what she can control and forgets about what she can’t.

She doesn’t expect a man to take care of her. She always makes sure she can completely rely on herself before she allows any man into her life.

2. A powerful woman is self-aware

As I said above, a powerful woman takes responsibility for her actions, and she also takes responsibility for her emotions.

She knows where she needs to work on herself and she frequently practices introspection to understand her emotions and keep them in check.

She knows she is far from perfect, but this is what makes her powerful.

She accepts herself completely because she understands herself.

She doesn’t get down on herself when she is experiencing a negative emotion.

She accepts it, understands it, and then moves on with what she needs to do to get ahead in life.

3. She’s honest

There’s no hiding with a powerful woman. She confronts issues head-on.

If someone lies to her or acts deceitfully in an attempt to take advantage of her, she recognizes it immediately and stands up for herself.

She doesn’t care if she’s starting the conflict, as long as she is protecting herself and her inner circle.

She’s not a people-pleaser. She sticks to a strong moral code that guides her actions and doesn’t seek approval from anyone.

This is why she’s not afraid to ruffle a few feathers if it means staying true to herself.

The only approval she seeks is from herself and her ability to stick to her strong moral framework.

4. A powerful woman is intelligent

She understands that she doesn’t know everything. After all, life is too complex.

But this is what makes her always willing to learn.

Whether it’s through her own mistakes or the mistakes of others, she’s always curious and willing to learn something new.

This makes her powerful because she is always improving and becoming a better person.

She understands that learning is a life-long journey, but her willingness to learn and grow as an individual helps her stand out.

5. She’s unapologetically passionate

She’s passionate about her goals and her beliefs.

She wants to get ahead and achieve everything she can achieve.

A powerful woman has huge potential and she knows it. She won’t be satisfied until she becomes the person she knows she can be.

She won’t let anyone get in the way of her path to success and happiness.

No matter what gets in her way, she finds a way to get around it and go to where she needs to get to.

She knows that to continue to be a powerful woman, she needs to be passionate and always learning and improving.

This is what sets her apart from anyone else in the room.

6. She’s confident in herself

A powerful woman is completely confident in who she is.

She knows why she’s here, what she’s capable of, and where she wants to go.

There’s no self-doubt because she knows she has a strong life purpose and reason for being here.

She’s not afraid to fail on her way to reaching her goals or pursuing her dreams.

She knows that it won’t be easy, but with the right attitude and perseverance, she can do anything.

7. She’s emotionally intelligent

Let’s not beat around the bush. Women tend to be more emotionally intelligent than men (on average), and this is no different for a powerful woman.

She uses her strong emotional intelligence to get ahead in life.

Nothing she says or does is thoughtless.

She tries to understand other people’s emotions and relate to them.

Everybody goes through challenging times, so a powerful woman doesn’t unnecessarily judge or ridicule.

She’s empathetic with someone who is angry and upset.

She tries to see the situation from their point of view and calm them down.

This makes a powerful woman an excellent leader. She’s always trying to put herself in other people’s shoes.

8. She has strong self-respect

She knows her worth. If someone tries to put her down, she won’t stand for it and she’ll call it out immediately.

She’s dated assholes in her past that taught her a lot about who she should trust and who she shouldn’t.

She’s had enough practice to deal with them effectively and she’s not afraid to call out injustice when she sees it.

She refuses to let others dictate how she should feel or act and knows when unhealthy relationships must end.

As a result, she has strong self-respect. She doesn’t need outside validation to define her worth and she’s comfortable in her own skin.

9. She’s not afraid to be vulnerable

When you fully accept yourself for all that you are, you’re not afraid to let yourself be vulnerable.

It takes strength to express your emotions honestly and openly.

It also takes strength to ask for help when you need it.

A powerful woman knows she can’t do it alone. She needs people by her side.

After all, life is tough no matter who you are.

A powerful woman knows that the best way to continue being powerful is to be honest with herself and her emotions.

Otherwise, negativity builds up inside you and that will never work out in the long run.

10. She’s self-disciplined

A powerful woman has goals she wants to achieve and places she wants to get to.

But she knows to achieve the big goals she needs to achieve little goals every single day.

This is why she is disciplined every day. She has a list of tasks she needs to tick off and each one of those tasks will help her get a little bit closer to where she needs to get to.

And if she doesn’t succeed on any of her goals, she knows that tomorrow is a new day!

11. She’s positive

She’s positive, but not in a fake way.

She just chooses to see the glass half full. She doesn’t let small setbacks get her down, she marches on and knows that there are better days ahead of her.

This means that a powerful woman is able to see opportunities where other people see obstacles.

After all, complaining and whining about difficult situations won’t get you anywhere, so why bother?

Even when things are not going as hoped, she bounces back and looks for ways she can learn from her mistakes.

Even when life gets really tough, she’s grateful for everything she has in life, because she knows some people have it a whole lot worse.

12. She has grit

It’s not the people that are the most talented that succeed in life. It’s the people who persevere through tough situations and learn from them.

A powerful woman keeps going even when she gets knocked down. It’s not easy to do this.

But when you make it your goal to succeed in life, a powerful woman knows she can achieve incredible things.

Everyone has their ups and downs, but a powerful woman doesn’t let these bad times stop her from moving forward.

She doesn’t whine about it either. She just gets up and keeps going!

But if something is not working, she doesn’t continue doing it. She’s flexible and pivots to make a smarter plan that has a higher chance of success.

13. She doesn’t let fear stop her

It takes courage to be a powerful woman. In fact, it takes a lot of courage to be successful in any area of life.

Many powerful women have dealt with a lot of fear and made that their motivation to achieve great things.

Over time, the more she takes action despite her fears, the less power those fears have over her.

This is why a powerful woman simply doesn’t back down from a challenge.

For a powerful woman, life is all about getting knocked down 7 times and getting up 8.

14. She has high integrity

A powerful woman has a strong sense of what is right and wrong.

She’s trustworthy and reliable. She wants to help those close to her whenever they are going through hard times.

She knows that her words and decisions have an impact on other people, which is why she always thinks about her decisions from the vantage point of how they’ll affect others.

A powerful woman has strong values that she lives by. She’s also accountable for her actions.
She’s not afraid to take responsibility for her mistakes and learn from them.

This way, she’ll always do the right thing and protect those that are close to her.

15. She takes responsibility for everything in her life

She doesn’t complain or act like a victim. She realizes that will do nothing to improve her situation.

She focuses on what she can control. And she focuses on the work that needs to be done.

Because she doesn’t blame others, she doesn’t blame herself either.

Instead, she just takes responsibility for everything in her life and works hard to make sure that everything gets better.

She is accountable for everything she does and tries to always live by her strong moral code.

If a powerful woman says she’s going to do something, then you better believe that she’ll do it.

16. She’s always striving to be a better person

This is what makes a powerful woman so inspiring.

No one is perfect. Everybody fails. And that’s why it’s important to learn from your mistakes and use them as learning opportunities.

A powerful woman knows the importance of improving herself every single day.

She recognizes what she can do better and how she can improve herself for greater things.

She doesn’t want to be a victim of her circumstances, because life is about more than feeling sorry for yourself.

Life is about pushing through obstacles, not giving up, and appreciating the journey.

A powerful woman knows that as long as she is striving to be better every single day then she knows she’s going to end up on top.

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love. After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she's passionate about sharing all the wisdom she's learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit's daily horoscope.

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