23 things badass and fearless women do differently from everybody else

There’s just something about some women that boggle the mind: like, how some women seem to have it all together and can stand tall and be confident no matter what.

These badass women look fear in the eye and take on the day without worrying about failure or what others think of them.

Here are 23 things that all badass and fearless women do differently than everyone else. And that’s what makes them amazing.

1) They Enjoy Life by Making Fun a Priority

While the rest of us are plugging away at house chores and running errands, they are out there living their lives to the best of their ability.

That doesn’t mean spending money they don’t have or buying luxury homes in the hills; it means that they see the value in enjoying themselves and make it a priority whenever they can.

2) They Don’t Hide

You’ll never see a badass woman back down from a challenge – of any kind.

Whether it’s in the boardroom or in the bedroom, badass women know what they bring to the table and aren’t afraid to show it off.

3) They are Assertive

Notice we didn’t say aggressive? They are two different things. Assertive women understand that their position is important and that they have lots to offer people.

Aggressive women just yell and scream until someone makes things happen. Assertive women take charge and get things done themselves.

4) They are Confident

Confidence is a funny thing that seems to elude most of us on a regular basis. Badass women seem to be oozing confidence at every turn.

They are confident in themselves because they see and know their own value. While most of us are searching social media for acceptance, fearless women are out there living life to the fullest.

5) They are their Own Best Friend

Badass women don’t need a man or anyone else dragging them off their path in life.

They are comfortable being alone if it means they don’t settle for someone not worth their time and effort.

6) They Make Meaning From their Past

Badass women get to be badass because they spend time thinking about how their past impacts their future, but they don’t dwell on it.

They learn from it and make meaning of situations to serve them, rather than be victimized by them.

7) They Have Boundaries

You won’t get away with much when you are around a badass woman – she knows what she’ll tolerate and what she won’t.

Be on your best behavior if you want to be in this gal’s life.

Having boundaries is a great quality to have.

8) They Will Walk Away if Something isn’t Working for Them

Ain’t nobody got time for things that aren’t working. They don’t run away from a challenge, but they recognize when they aren’t going to win a battle. It saves them lots of time and frees up time to work on things that are working in their lives.

9) They Want your Full Attention

If you want to be with a badass woman, then you will need to physically be with her.

Fearless and badass women like their partners to be present and accounted for; texting and Snapchats are great, but she wants a man that shows up and is real.

10) They Check the Drama at the Door

Rather than waste time worrying about problems, badass women show up and start solving problems. They don’t gossip and they don’t drag things through the mud in an effort to make themselves look better.

11) They Take Care of Themselves

They are their first priority: diet, exercise, self-care, positive affirmations, rest, and patience are all things that badass women do for themselves on a regular basis. It’s the fuel that lights their fire.

12) They Don’t Play the Victim

Regardless of what throws at them, badass women are ready to take charge and make things right. They don’t blame others for their situation and they don’t wallow in their sorrows.

13) They Get Things Done

Badass women are badass because they get things done. Period. You better just step aside and let her do her thing.

14) They Don’t Care What Everyone Else is Doing

Fearless women don’t spend time worrying about how others are shaping up – they are too busy getting their lives in order. Celebrities? Pfft, who cares. Social media? She doesn’t have time for that. She’s got things to do and people to see.

15) They are Themselves

Above all else, the thing that makes badass women the most badass is that they are themselves all the time. What you see is what you get.

16) They Don’t Need to Ask for Attention

A woman worth her weight in gold should not have to ask for any man’s attention. If she finds that you are not giving her what she wants, you better believe that she’ll be moving on.

The truth is that badass women can make themselves happy and provide for themselves.

That means that men no longer need to fill that role. That means that you need to step up if you want to stay in your girl’s life.

17) They Won’t Absorb Bad Vibes from a Guy

Toxic relationships are the worst and while they may be hard to get out of, a badass woman isn’t even going to get into one in the first place.

When women are able to hold their own, they no longer need support from men, which means they can pick and choose men to hang out with and spend time with.

That’s good news for women and bad news for men who aren’t sure how to show up and do more.

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18) They Hate People Who Try to Hurt Others

Women with a badass attitude don’t set out to hurt others, but lift them up.

And they aren’t going to put up with others trying to drag down a woman or otherwise.

Badass women are strong enough to care for and support one another. You know she’s a good woman when she is lifting others up around her.

19) They Hate When Women Don’t Support Other Women

It’s a pet peeve of many badass women when other women don’t support each other. It’s hard enough being a woman – they don’t need other women cutting them down to size.

Be a badass woman by lifting each other up on a regular basis and break down the barriers you face together.

20) They Hate Being Treated like a Child

When a guy assumes she can’t do something because she’s a girl, look out!

Badass women can do anything, and if they can’t do it, they’ll find their own help to get the job done.

If you want to be on the bad side of a badass woman, tell her she can’t do something and then get out of her way as she blazes a trail right next to you.

21) They Know Their Self-Worth

She shouldn’t have to make you aware of how amazing she is – you should be paying attention to it all on your own.

When a badass woman knows her worth, she is not going to try to make you see it. You need to do that all on your own.

22) They Won’t Be Held Back By Men

When men try to hold back a badass woman, she’s not going to have it.

She is on her own journey – one that you are lucky enough to be a part of – and she won’t put up with people trying to hold her back, especially a man who can’t do those kinds of things himself.

23) They Won’t Play Small

Don’t expect her to be quiet or reserved just because it makes you uncomfortable that she’s such a strong, independent woman.

Badass women don’t need to be held back or told to be quiet and they won’t put up with it at all. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that she’s lucky to have you: it’s the other way around, for sure.

In Conclusion

The pillars of women have risen to new heights over the last few decades and now, more than ever, women are standing tall and standing up for what they want in life.

Growing up to get married and have 2.5 kids, putting dinner on the table every night, and ensuring the house is clean is not how badass women want to live their lives anymore.

For the first time in our history, women are choosing to stay single, go childless, and focus on themselves and if the men are paying attention, they should be worried.

Strong, independent women are capable of so much, but when they band together, they can become unstoppable.

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