Here are 13 signs he will love you no matter how many flaws you have

Nobody is perfect. It’s true. Look it up.

However, humans have an incredible ability to believe the complete opposite: we think we need to be perfect.

And when it comes to finding love, we think we need to be perfect for someone to love us.

Of course, the opposite is true: it is our flaws that make us unique and who we are in life.

When you find the right guy, he’ll love you no matter what, even if you’re not the “perfect girl”.

Don’t believe us? Here are 13 signs he will love you no matter how many flaws you have. This is the type of love every girl dreams of!

1) Bad Hair? Don’t Care.

Any guy who loves the real you isn’t going to care about your hair. Day or night, he’s going to think you look great.

Guys love it when women get all dolled up to hit the town, but they love it when they are hanging around the house in a ponytail and jeans too.

Don’t sell yourself short when you are dressing down: he loves you even when you are having a bad hair day.

2) Fresh Face is Cool.

If wearing makeup is part of your everyday routine, don’t be afraid to go natural once in a while.

Guys love when a girl looks great in makeup, but they know that you can’t wear it 24 hours a day, nor should you.

It’s perfectly fine to leave the house with a fresh face and not worry about being judged for it, especially by your guy. He loves you no matter what.

3) Who Cares How Old You Are? He Doesn’t.

As we age, humans get this silly idea in their head that they are no longer loveable. Skin sags, hair turns gray, and our bodies start to look a lot different.

How could anyone love us then?

Just look around at all the old couples at a restaurant next time the two of you are out for a bite to eat.

Love lasts a lifetime if you work at it. He’s not going to care how old you are, because he’ll be getting old alongside you, and that’s all he wants.

4) Your Weight Doesn’t Define You.

Nobody weighs the same two days in a row or even two weeks in a row. Imagine trying to maintain your weight at a specific number for the rest of your life just because you are afraid your man will leave you if you put on a few pounds.

Here’s the truth: most people don’t even notice if you put on 10 or even 20 pounds. Our weight fluctuates from year to year – and his will too – so don’t worry about him leaving you if you suddenly go up a size. That’s life, and he knows it.

5) Support is Part of His Vocabulary.

Whether you are having a bad day at work or having a bad year in life, he’ll stand by you and make sure you feel supported no matter what. And you’ll do the same for him.

He knows that he’ll need to hold you up from time to time and you’ll hold him up from time to time. That’s what good relationships are built on: love and support.

6) He Knows You’re Moody Sometimes.

Every woman has had her fair share of mood-filled days. Sometimes we’re happy, and sometimes we’re like the succubus risen from Hell.

Your guy knows that this is just par for the course and that everyone has bad days. He’ll ride the storm with you because he loves you.

7) He Knows You Have Your Own Life to Live.

You were doing just fine before he came along and you’ll do fine if he ever leaves. Your independence is part of the reason he was drawn to you: strong and sexy women are where it’s at.

He’ll never try to stop you from living your life because he fell in love with you and your life. It’s what makes you, you.

8) You Need Your Space.

Even the tightest couples need to spend some time apart. Many women feel guilty about leaving their men at home to go out and have a good time, take a trip, or even go shopping.

They find themselves glued to the couch “hanging out” with their man. He doesn’t want that for you.

He wants you to go out and do what you want when you want. He’ll always be there and knows you don’t love him any less just because you left him home on a Friday night.

9) He Won’t Try to Change You.

Whatever you are, he loves it. He isn’t going to try to get you to buy into his stuff; he knows you are into your stuff.

He knows when to say I love you.

You’ll find a way to work together toward the things you want, but you are both entitled to continue to live your life in your way. He loves that about you.

10) He Loves When You’re Hot or Cold.

Regardless of how you are feeling on any given day, he thinks you are perfect. He knows that it’s not all sunshine and roses every day of your relationship, and that’s okay.

11) He Knows Everyone Makes Mistakes.

Everyone makes mistakes. That’s a fact of life. It can be hard to admit sometimes, but the sooner you realize it, the better off your relationship will be.

He’ll love you even if you drop the ball over and over again.

12) He’ll Forgive You When You Mess Up.

If you’ve wronged him, say you are sorry. He knows that nobody is perfect and that forgiveness is necessary to move forward. He’ll forgive you and love you for being you.

13) He’s Not Afraid to Get Personal

Whenever something is bothering you, he’s going to be there, helping you get through it. Whether it’s getting over a bad break-up or a fight with a friend, he will be there for you no matter how much baggage you came with, because he loves you.

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