It is not uncommon to hear someone say that another person has an “old soul.” It is considered a term of endearment in fact.

People who have old souls are thought to live more fulfilling and rich lives because they take the time to appreciate things and people around them.

Contrary to what you’re led to believe, old souls are different from a sage.

But being an old soul can spell trouble for your love life because it is hard to understand these kinds of people.

Here are 13 reasons why old souls struggle to find love.

1) They Want Genuine Love

What is genuine love? It’s different for everyone, but people with old souls know what they are looking for and expect to find it.

Genuine love, as far as we can tell, is the kind of real love that requires people to trust, honor and respect one another. Seems easy enough to find, but you know it’s not. This is why they often ask the question,“Will I ever find love?”

2) They Want to Learn From Love

Old souls spend a lot of time learning from their mistakes and they’ll expect you to do the same if you find yourself in a relationship with one.

3) They Want to Accept People for Who They Are

Old souls want to love everything about a person and that can make it hard to find someone to settle down with; after all, people are difficult and not what they seem sometimes.

4) They Need Someone to Understand Their Complexities

Old souls know they are not easy to be with, and they’ve accepted that fact, but that doesn’t mean that they are letting anyone off the hook when it comes to understanding those complexities.

That’s pretty intimidating for a regular Joe or Jane to take on and it could land the old soul at the single’s table a little longer.

5) They Know That Love and Like are Different

Old souls aren’t swayed by lust; they want the real deal. They are willing to wait for someone who makes them tingle and brings their soul to life.

6) They Value Vulnerability

Old souls put their cards on the table on a regular basis and they’ll expect their partners to do the same. If you find yourself in a relationship with an old soul, get ready to bare it all.

7) They Need a lot of Commitment

Old souls require a lot of attention and care. They value having another person in their lives to bring meaning to their lives and that can take a lot out of someone who isn’t an “old soul” themselves.

8) They Need All of Your Heart

If you are in a relationship with an old soul, be ready to give them your whole heart. They need it to feel valued and safe in the relationship.

9) They Believe in Soulmates

If you are lucky enough to land yourself an old soul, then you should know that they believe you are their soulmate. They don’t waste time with people who don’t fit their profile, and it saves everyone a lot of trouble in the end.

10) They Don’t Like Dating

Dating is a chore and old souls prefer to get to know people over a long period of time. While some people are lighting up Tinder on a regular basis, old souls are looking for love in more traditional places.

11) They’ve Had their Fair Share of Heartbreak

Old souls are broken, just like the rest of us, but they use that experience to learn and grow from it. They will want to talk about those experiences as way to bring you closer together, so be ready for that if you find yourself in a relationship with an old soul.

12) They Want Relationships That Go Beyond the Physical

Who doesn’t love great sex? Old souls could take it or leave it. The truth is that they are in a relationship for long haul and they know that all relationships have ebbs and flows of intimacy.

They prefer the companionship and closeness that being a couple brings without needing sex all the time.

13) They Have Free Spirits

The interesting thing about old souls is that they are free birds and it can be hard to pin them down.

They go where their desires take them and while they are committed to their relationships, they often look for other ways to feed their souls like travel, creative outlets, and long-term friendships.

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