12 spiritual signs your twin flame is missing you (the only list you’ll need)

One of the most difficult parts of a twin flame relationship is when you’re separated.

This may be because they’re away on a business trip or they have to attend to personal matters in a different place.

In any case, it’s going to be a struggle. And it’s natural to want to know if they feel the same way.

It’s not that you want them to feel pain; that’s the last thing you want.

But knowing that they also struggle to be away from their twin flame assures you that the relationship is important to them too.

So here are 12 spiritual ways to tell if your twin flame is missing you while they’re away.

1. You See Them In Your Dream

Twin flames are believed to vibrate at the same frequency.

They can connect not only physically but also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

One place where this deep connection can be felt is through the act of dreaming.

This is a form of a special kind of communication that only twin flames can practice: twin flame telepathy.

They may either appear in your dream or share the exact same dream as you.

This is a common sign that someone is thinking of you — whether they’re aware of it or not.

These dreams may either be obvious, like sharing a simple conversation together, or it might be more subtle; something in the dream might actually symbolize them like an animal or a song you hear.

If you want to learn more about twin flame dreams and what they mean, check out our video on interpreting twin flame dreams:

2. You Can Sense It

The twin flame connection operates on a deeper level than the relationships that people form together.

It’s more than simple words and feelings — it’s as if they share a consciousness too.

When you feel a random internal tug towards your twin flame, that might be that deeper connection going active.

Twin flames are sensitive to their intuitions. So even when you can’t put your feelings into words, you just know that they miss you too.

3. They Often Reach Out To You

One of the clearest signs that they miss you is that you can see them make an effort to try to connect to you.

They send you songs that they discovered on their trip that remind them of you, or they send you photos of the food that they ate and want to share with you one day.

Maybe they might even want to video call with you. These are small things that they do to show that they’re thinking of you while they’re away.

4. You Feel Energized To Try New Things

You might one day randomly be more willing to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

This sudden urge is bound to have a source, and that tends to be because of your twin flame.

When your twin flame is thinking of you, he/she emanates an energy that ripples through the universe.

This is what you feel, which is why you feel like you’ve tapped into an energy reserve you didn’t know that you had.

5. You Suddenly Feel Comforted And Loved

You’re going about your daily routine when you suddenly feel less anxious about everything. You feel relaxed and at ease for some reason.

It might strike you as odd because you haven’t been doing anything particularly different lately.

That’s because your twin flame is pouring their energy into you.

When you’re having a complicated time at work and they aren’t there to lend their ear, they can still send their loving energy towards you.

It shows that even in difficult times, your twin flame will always be by your side, regardless of how far away they are from you.

When we miss someone close to us, we tend to think fondly of them.

These positive emotions are translated into positive energy that your twin flame sends and you receive.

When you suddenly feel loved, you won’t have to worry about the uncertainty of the situation — you can rest well knowing that they love you and that they’re thinking of you.

6. They Appear In Your Thoughts More Often

While you’re going about your day, you notice a sign that’s advertising your twin flame’s favorite ice cream.

You never noticed it before but it suddenly shows up. And you look around and see more things are blue — which is your twin flame’s favorite color.

Or you’re in a crowded place and think you hear them calling for you, but when you turn around it was just a stranger; it’s like you’re hearing voices.

Signs of your twin flame seem to be everywhere.

This is because your twin flame might be sending you a message through their spiritual energy (even unintentionally). It means that they’re thinking of you.

7. There’s A Palpable Silence

Sometimes, being apart can actually nourish a relationship more than being together every day.

While others might see time apart and having radio silence communication to be a bad thing, much good can come from it.

It allows for your shared soul to nourish itself in solitude while the other is away.

Even in twin flame relationships, it’s still possible to have too much of a good thing. Silence can also confirm that your bond is strong.

Often people feel awkward when they haven’t received anything from their significant other, so they try to fill in the silence with meaningless talk.

That feeling is usually borne out of lacking trust in the other person that the relationship is meaningful.

So when you haven’t heard from your twin flame in a few days, try to calm yourself.

It could mean that they trust you enough with the relationship that you don’t always have to keep talking.

8. Thoughts Unrelated To Your Life Start Popping Up

Are you suddenly thinking about moving to somewhere colder — when you never had plans to move at all?

Or you’ve started to wonder about stars and astrology — when you’ve never given any interest into the night sky?

But you know that these are the things that your twin flame is interested in?

When random thoughts seem to enter your mind that seems unrelated to your own life, that can be because of your twin flame; your twin flame trying to communicate with you. Even while they’re away, they’ve still got you on their minds.

9. You Begin Experiencing Changes In Your Life

The twin flame connection tends to be so powerful that it can manifest itself into different events and situations in your life.

You can be going about your daily routine when you suddenly get hit with a eureka moment about a difficult problem that you were having at work.

You might’ve suddenly learned something new, or a new career opportunity presents itself randomly.

You might even start feeling physically sick for no apparent reason.

When you notice that strange events are happening in quick succession, that might not be a simple coincidence. It could be your twin flame using their energy to try to communicate with you.

10. You Feel Their Energy Around You

While you’re alone at home, you can sense their presence around you. You feel like there’s someone there when there really isn’t.

When you’re lying in bed, it sometimes feels like there’s another pressure pressing down beside you, as if there’s someone else lying with you.

You might even feel someone gently caressing your skin.

When you rarely feel alone even though there’s no one else in the room with you, you don’t have to be worried about any spooky paranormal activity happening. This could be your twin flame sending their spiritual energy your way to protect you and keep you company.

11. You Feel Random Sensations On Your Body

Have you started feeling random tingles around your body? Do you shiver and feel pressure in certain areas that you can’t seem to explain?

That might be your body receiving your twin flame’s energy.

The twin flame connection is one that takes place on a higher dimension, one that your body is sensitive to.

Maybe when you’re sitting alone, you feel random goosebumps for no real reason.

You might also feel your ears getting warm, or you begin sneezing or developing the hiccups.

These are commonly believed to mean that there’s someone out there that’s thinking of you; that person is most likely going to be your twin flame.

12. You Wonder If They’re Thinking Of You

You’re going about your day when they suddenly appear in your thoughts. Nothing, in particular, triggered the thought, though.

Because of the intense twin flame connection, if you randomly find yourself thinking about your twin flame, there’s a good chance that they’re thinking about you too.

Twin flame connections are one of the strongest types of relationships out there.

They are able to maintain their bond despite the differences in locations and time zones.

This is what makes finding your twin flame such a great feeling: you’ll always have someone that you can talk to no matter how much you don’t keep in touch.

When they return, you can pick up where you both left off as if nothing happened. Even though twin flames are apart, they are never distant from each other.

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