12 phrases likable people use to make a great first impression

Have you ever met someone who just seemed to click with everyone right off the bat?

Well, it’s not magic. Often, it’s because they know the right things to say.

First impressions are super important, and using the right words can make all the difference.

So, let’s go through 12 simple phrases that these likable people use to make a great first impression.

The cool part is, these phrases are easy to use in many situations. 

Let’s go.

1. “Good to meet you!”

Think about it, when you meet someone new and they say “good to meet you” with a warm smile, how does it make you feel? Probably pretty good, right?

It’s a simple phrase that makes a big impact. It shows that you’re happy to be meeting the other person and sets a friendly tone for the rest of the conversation.

Plus, it shows that you’re polite and have good manners, which people always appreciate.

So next time you’re introduced to someone new, don’t forget to flash your best smile and say “good to meet you!” It’s simple, but a surefire way to start things off on the right foot.

2. “I like your…”

This is a phrase that can make someone’s day.

Complimenting someone by saying something like “I like your shirt” or “I like your presentation style” not only makes them feel good but also shows that you’re observant and appreciative of their efforts or style.

Remember, the key to this phrase is sincerity. Pay a compliment only if you truly mean it.

So, whether it’s their choice of outfit, their work, or simply their infectious laugh that caught your attention, don’t hesitate to express your appreciation. It’s a small gesture that can leave a big impression. 

3. “Thanks for…”

Saying thank you is simple but powerful. It shows gratitude and appreciation, and it’s a phrase that I’ve found works wonders in my own life.

For example, I recall attending a meeting with a colleague who was presenting a complex concept to our team. It was a challenging topic, but she explained it clearly with visuals that made it easier for everyone to understand.

After the meeting, I went up to her and said, “Thanks for making that concept so clear, I really appreciated your visuals.” I could see her face light up immediately.

Not only did it make her feel appreciated, but it also encouraged her to continue putting in extra effort in future presentations.

Never underestimate the power of a genuine “thank you.”

4. “Tell me more about…”

This phrase is a conversation goldmine. It shows you’re genuinely interested in what the other person has to say.

Interestingly, according to a Harvard study, talking about oneself can be as rewarding as food or money to the brain.

So, when you ask someone to expand on their story or idea with a “tell me more about…”, you’re not just keeping the conversation flowing, you’re also making the person feel good by activating a pleasurable response in their brain. It’s a win-win!

5. “That’s interesting.”

This short and sweet phrase can go a long way in making someone feel valued.

When you say “that’s interesting”, you’re effectively acknowledging that you find their thoughts or experiences valuable, which can make them feel heard and appreciated.

It’s a heartfelt way to show that you’re not just passively listening, but actively engaging and truly finding what they’re sharing to be fascinating.

Don’t hold back—let people know when you find their stories or ideas interesting. You’ll be surprised at how it deepens your conversations and connections.

6. “I totally agree.”

Finding common ground with someone can instantly create a sense of connection, and this phrase is a great way to do it.

I personally have experienced the magic of these words.

I remember once, during a group discussion, someone voiced an opinion that I wholeheartedly agreed with. I immediately chimed in with, “I totally agree with you on that!”

The mutual agreement opened up a deeper conversation between us, and we’ve been good friends since then.

If you find something that you genuinely align with, don’t hesitate to voice your agreement. It could be the start of a wonderful connection. 

7. “You’re right.”

We all love being right. It makes us feel good about ourselves. But admitting that someone else is right? Now that’s a whole different ball game. It requires setting your ego aside and acknowledging their wisdom or insight, and that’s not always easy.

But here’s the thing: people respect honesty. When you say “you’re right,” it shows that you’re not just there to push your own views, but also to listen and learn from others.

And trust me, that kind of humility doesn’t go unnoticed. It makes you more human, more relatable, and yes, more likable.

So the next time someone makes a valid point, don’t shy away from saying “you’re right.” It might bruise your ego a little, but it’ll definitely win you some brownie points in the likability department.

8. “I see what you mean.”

This phrase is a fantastic way to show that you’re actively listening and trying to understand the other person’s perspective.

Active listening is associated with higher levels of empathy, and people who show empathy tend to be more likable.

So, by saying “I see what you mean,” you’re not just keeping the conversation going, but also showcasing your empathetic side, which can make others feel more connected to you. It’s a simple phrase with a big impact. 

9. “I’m sorry to hear that.”

Life isn’t always sunshine and roses. Sometimes, people share tough things with us. In these moments, expressing empathy is crucial, and this phrase does just that.

I remember a time when a friend shared about a personal loss. I didn’t know what to say, but I knew I needed to acknowledge their pain.

So, I simply said, “I’m sorry to hear that.”

It wasn’t much, but it let my friend know that I was there for them and shared their sorrow.

This phrase is a gentle reminder that we’re all human, and it’s okay to feel and show emotions. It might not solve the problem, but it certainly helps make the burden a little lighter.

10. “That’s a great idea!”

We all like to hear that our ideas are appreciated, don’t we? So, when someone shares an idea with you that you genuinely think is great, tell them!

There’s no need to hold back.

Saying “That’s a great idea!” not only validates their thoughts but also boosts their confidence. And who knows, your words might just be the push they need to turn that great idea into reality.

11. “How can I help?”

Offering help isn’t about being a superhero; it’s about showing that you care and are willing to lend a hand in whatever way you can.

It’s about saying, “Hey, I’m here for you.”

It may be as simple as helping them carry something heavy, or as significant as supporting them through a tough decision.

The point is, when you ask “How can I help?” you’re offering your time and effort, and that speaks volumes about your character.

12. “Let’s stay in touch.”

This one might sound cliché, but it’s still important. Saying “Let’s stay in touch” at the end of a conversation shows that you enjoyed their company and would like to continue building the relationship. But remember: only say it if you mean it. Empty promises can do more harm than good.

If you genuinely want to stay in touch, make sure to follow through. Send them a text or an email later on, or maybe even set up another meeting.

After all, relationships are built over time, and staying in touch is the first step towards that.

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