11 characteristics of the “perfect girl” (according to men)

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If you’ve ever asked the question “am I attractive?“, then look no further.

You might be surprised to find that some of these qualities don’t include blonde hair and blue eyes – a classic misnomer associated with the perfect girl.

1) She’s Got a Great Sense of Humor

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Of course, everyone loves a funny girl. Whether she is cracking jokes or laughing at yours, men love a girl who can laugh at herself, laugh with others, and just have a good time.

A sense of humor is important in a good relationship because it means that she can roll with the punches. There’s no need to be uptight in life anyway, right?

2) She’s Slightly Younger Than You

When asked about their best relationships and sexual experiences, men report that women who are 2-4 years younger than they are the best girlfriends.

They are happy with their relationships and the flow of their relationship when the woman is slightly younger.

3) She’s Got Great Teeth

Who doesn’t love a great smile? Men do, that’s for sure. Women who take care of their teeth often show them off and love to smile.

Men find a big, bright smile incredibly sexy and studies have shown time and time again that women – and men – who smile more, are perceived as happier and more approachable than those who don’t smile on a regular basis.

4) She’s Got a Firm Chest

Of course, what man wouldn’t want a girl with a big chest? Women who have large chests are perceived as younger, healthier, and sexier than women with smaller chests.

Obviously, everyone likes something different, but in general, and according to studies on boobs, men prefer perky and firm boobs.

5) She’s Got Long Legs

Tall woman and women who have longer legs have always been idolized and worshiped by both men and women.

After all, long, lean legs look great in a pair of worn out jeans and a sexy black dress.

During a unique study of 77 men shown morphed pictures of women, they men still picked out the attractive women because of their long legs.

6) The Perfect Girl is Independent

These days, independent women are all over the place, and that can make finding your perfect girl a bit tricky: as a man, you need to step up and offer her more than love and support.

Because girls have so much more power and control in the world, as well as an incredible amount of self-confidence, it is harder for a man to catch a girl’s attention with the old go-to tricks of having a good job, driving a nice car, and living in a fancy neighborhood.

Chances are, the girl you are after also has those things. And men love it.

7) She’s Got Small Feet

It seems strange, but men prefer women with smaller feet. Perhaps they are afraid that she’ll wear his shoes if they have the same sized feet.

In a study conducted with edited photos, men said women with smaller feet were more attractive overall, even when they couldn’t see the woman’s face.

8) She’s Well Educated

Smart women are super sexy.

There may have been a time when men prefer their perfect girl to be quiet and stand off to the side, but now men love strong, smart women who can contribute to the conversation, challenge them, and keep things interesting.

9) She Wears Red

Everyone knows that men love red – and it’s backed by biology. If a girl walks in wearing red, she’s sure to catch the attention of a few guys.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. Men prefer red, not because it’s a great color and women of all shapes and sizes look good in it, but because it reminds them of sex. Plain and simple.

10) She’s Got Narrow Hips

There was a time that scientists said that men preferred women with larger hips because that meant they were capable of bearing children for the man.

Welcome to 2018. That’s not a thing anymore. Men prefer small, dainty women who have narrow hips because it speaks to youth and vibrancy, rather than mom jeans.

11) She’s a Brunette

Betcha thought we were going to say blonde? Unfortunately, the blonde stereotypes come into play here: men perceived women with brown hair as being more independent, smart, and capable.

In a study where the color of women’s hair was changed, men overwhelmingly chose the brunettes over the blondes. From a long-term relationship perspective, men considered the perfect girl with brown hair to be more reliable and stable. Who knew?


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