We all want to be happy, but sometimes it seems easier said than done.

How is it that some people can be so happy, even if they don’t have everything they want in life, while others have more than they need and are miserable?

What a world we live in where such paradoxes exist. Why aren’t humans ever satisfied?

As people become aware of the fact that material things don’t bring us happiness, they are finding happiness.

When we look inward at our lives and focus on becoming our best selves, we are able to stay mindful and in the moment, creating lasting impact on our lives.

Here are 10 tricks extremely happy people use to stay mindful so they can stay happy, or create happiness in their own lives.

1) They Sit With Negative Thoughts Instead of Ignoring Them

Okay, so negative thoughts might not be the first thing you expected to see on a list about happiness, but really happy people get that way because they can sit with negative things and work through them.

While most of us are running away from the bad, they face it and make the most of it.

2) They Get Out of Their Own Way

Mindfulness is the path to happiness, and we can only stay on that path if we get out of our own way.

We know that things are going to derail us on this path, so it’s vital that we recognize them and then make room for them in our lives.

This stops us from being disappointed and helps us have the best chance for success along the way.

3) They Pay Attention to Triggers

If we know that certain situations, people, or events make us feel bad about ourselves, why do we continue to put ourselves in those situations?

We know better, but sometimes you have to wonder about the human brain: it loves torture. Find what makes you miserable and get rid of it.

4) They Don’t Avoid Conflict

Happy people aren’t happy because everything is rainbows and butterflies all the time, they are happy because they can face conflict and sit with it to come to a conclusion.

Unhappy people run from uncomfortable situations, which of course, only causes them more unhappiness, anxiety and missed opportunities.

5) They Talk Themselves Through Challenging Situations

Staying mindful means being aware of what is happening in your life, and having the ability to see the good with the bad.

Things are neither good nor bad until we put a label on them. Think about the labels you use and try to talk yourself into using other labels when challenges arise.

6) They Are in Awe of the World Around Them

Mindful people take time to smell the roses. Literally. They look at the sky, and the grass and both bring them a sense of peace and calm.

If you think that’s silly, give it a try. Everything is amazing if you let it be amazing.

7) They Self-coach

Mindful people become happier people because they take control of their lives and know that everything that happens to them happens for a reason.

The trick is to find the reason and work through it. Whether it’s losing 5 pounds or saving $50,000, they keep on themselves to strive for improvement every day.

8) They Recognize the Need for Change and Move Toward It

Everyone has flaws. Even happy people. But happy people don’t see them as flaws; they see opportunity.

They enjoy improving their lives through learning and experience and see the value in trying to be better versions of themselves every day.

9) They are Compassionate Toward Others and Themselves

Mindful people are often happier people because they cut themselves some slack once in a while. We are all just doing the best we can, and while mindful, happy people are working to be better, they know that they can only do so much in the run of a day.

And that’s okay. They extend the same courtesy to others.

10) They Think About Others

Rather than spend all their time taking filtered selfies and posting them online, mindful people like to build other people up and make them feel good about themselves.

This makes them feel good without actually participating in self-absorbed activities. Giving a compliment and receiving a genuine smile in return is better than a million likes on social media.

Turning your attention away from yourself and putting it on others can bring you much joy and help you stay in the moment, making you happier in life overall.

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