10 things only highly observant people would understand

Highly observant people are not like regular folks.

They’re perceptive, inquisitive, and they don’t see things at face value. Because of this, they’re able to look at life differently.

Here are 10 things only observant people would understand.

1. That everyone is unique

The especially observant among us will realize that no matter how “alike” we might be, every single one of us is unique.

There are only so many ways to be human, after all, and there’s no getting around the fact that we’ll pick up bits and pieces from the people around us—like habits and opinions, for example.

And yet despite all these things that would conspire to make us all alike, we all continue to have things that define us as individual and unique.

Knowing this, the observant person knows better than to judge people by stereotypes and stay away from thoughts like “Oh, she’s blonde. I know what she’s like.”

2. That there could be something beneath the surface

People always have something to hide, but no matter how hard you try to hide something, it will make itself known one way or another.

Most people won’t notice anything because they’re often quite subtle. But observant people will have seen enough that they can easily tell when someone’s hiding something.

They’re good at figuring out subtext. Unfortunately, people around them aren’t as keen, so they risk being called “paranoid” or being told that they’re “seeing things” if they ever speak up.

Like, who cares if one’s friend starts to avoid them as long as they say they’re “fine”?

Most people would dismiss that, but an observant friend will notice that there’s something up and will either pay closer attention… or ask.

3. That things are rarely “black and white”

It’s no secret that people in general have a tendency to boil things down to their most basic extremes.

Why bother wrestling with all the shades of gray and tire yourself out when you can just look at things as if they’re black and white?

This is certainly a temptation that many people face and cave in to. Observant people buck the trend, however, and the reason is simple—they simply see between the lines much more easily than most.
Because of that, they understand that it’s a disservice to boil life down to simple black and white.

They’re not going to act like an “annoying centrist” over it either. They’re brave enough to take a stand, and when they do, it’s because they know what they’re talking about.

4. That most of us are sheep that follow the herd

It’s easy enough to say that you think for yourself, or that you’re somehow independent and enlightened. And indeed plenty of people claim to be so!

But one thing is quite clear to people who are meticulous and observant—it’s all bollocks.

The fact is that most people follow a herd of some kind, and that includes contrarians who claim that they’re different from everyone else. The irony is that they too, follow a herd… it just so happens to be a different herd from what they think everyone else is in.

Observant people are also quite aware that they most likely belong to a “herd” as well.

This means that not only are they careful about questioning their own opinions and feelings, it also means they’re a bit gentler towards people who they see as “sheep”.

5. That what people say could be different from what they feel

Being honest is something that NOT many people find easy to do. And sometimes, most of us are not even aware of our own lies because we’re not sure of a lot of things and we don’t know ourselves enough.

Observant people are aware of this and so they try to decode based on the consistency of people’s thoughts and words, on their actions, and by their body language.

Highly observant people are experts at reading subtext and putting things in context. They do this to understand people better because they truly believe it’s how we can become better to each other.

6. That sometimes you really just can’t afford to be nice

It feels nice to beat your chest and go “people will think I’m reasonable because I’m nice about it!” and to think that conflicts can be easily solved by simply talking it out.

But this is naïve, and someone who’s ever bothered to pay attention to the goings-on in the world around them will realize that there are just times where you simply can’t afford to be nice.

Observant people want to resolve things nicely and civilly when they can, but don’t have any qualms about being “mean” if there really is no other way to get things done or to be heard.

This is especially true when it comes to big societal issues, but can still apply even to smaller things from time to time.

7. That people reveal who they are if we pay close attention

Observant people are experts at gauging people.

By paying close attention to people’s actions, they can sense when someone is genuine or just a fake, when someone is an asshole in disguise or a real angel.

And something that quickly becomes apparent to observant people is that words are cheap, and actions are where it’s at.

It’s easy enough to say something, and another to actually commit to it. So while they might take comfort in simple platitudes, they will also take note of what people are actually doing.

Their partner can tell them “I love you”, but spend all day neglecting them and getting mad when confronted about it, for example. Or their partner could not say a single sweet thing but show their love by cooking them breakfast and taking them out on dates.

8. That we’re all children at heart

Observant people will know that nobody truly ever grows up.

Instead, as we get older, we either become miserable and frustrated from everything we have gone through, or we keep our inner child safe from harm and be light and cheery well into our twilight years.

In the end, all of us simply want to live the lives we’ve always wanted to have ever since we were kids. Some have simply convinced themselves that they’re somehow “too old” to indulge in their youthful pleasures.

Observant people will especially pay close attention to the things people say about themselves and what they’ve always dreamed of. Through that they can see just who people are on the inside.

9. That most people aren’t reasonable

Something that will be quite clear to observant people is the fact that people simply aren’t reasonable.

People are slaves to their emotions—even those who are aware of that are not exempt—and will fight tooth and nail to defend whatever it is they are emotionally invested in.

That’s why you see people keep on dating with their partners despite knowing that they’re an emotionally manipulative cheater. They’ve poured too much time and energy into that relationship so they might as well continue even if it’s killing them.

And then if they ever claim that the Earth is flat, god forbid you ever tell them that it’s round because not even a flight to the ISS will ever change their mind.

Because of this, highly observant people are hopeful but they don’t expect much from others. They know doing so is a recipe for a miserable life.

10. That the most important things are invisible to the eye

As cliche as it may sound, observant people understand that the most important things in life can’t be seen or touched or bought, but only felt.

We’re talking about love and peace here.

Observant people are very in tune with other people’s feelings and they’ve learned that only those who know how to love and who have peace of mind can be truly content and joyful.

Wealth gives comfort and ease, but it does not give happiness. Happiness is something that you can only have through realizing what it is you want the most deep down inside, and living that life without a care in the world.

Final Words

What makes an observant person is the habit to quietly observe the world around them.

There are no secrets that are exclusively theirs to find—all one needs to do is do the same things they do.

So if the list above had made you go “that’s not me, but I’d love to be like that!”, then the good news is that you can become observant if you put in the effort.

Now, if you did see yourself in everything I’ve talked about, then power to you! You have patience and introspection that a lot of people simply don’t have.

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