Being an empath is exhausting, especially if you don’t understand this characteristic of yourself.

Empaths are people who feel feelings deeper, harder, and longer than others.

They are the kind of people who cry when you cry, laugh when you laugh, and retreat to their homes or quiet places to make meaning of their experiences.

They are intense in every meaning of the word, and they can change your life for the better.

If you’ve ever found yourself thinking you are an empath, you are probably right. It’s not something many people relate to, and if you feel it in your gut, it’s probably true.

If that’s the case, here are 10 things you might not have realized are side effects of being an empath. Some are good, and some are not so good, but empaths take them all in stride.

1) You Absorb Everything

It doesn’t matter if everything is right in the world or World War III just started; you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. You feel people’s pain and happiness equally, and this can take its toll on you over time.

2) You Feel Obligated to Change the World

Because you wear your feelings on your sleeve, and on your face, and in your heart, and there are probably some feels kicking around in your backpack or purse, you want to make everyone happy and make the world a better place.

This is a nice thought, but you can’t change everyone or everything, and that can make you sad when you realize your reach only goes so far beyond yourself.

3) Your Intuition is Overwhelming

Others might be shocked to find you trust your gut with such conviction, but you know what you know, and there’s no need to question it.

You follow your heart and feels anywhere they take you, and sometimes that gets you into trouble, but you find the meaning in all the experiences and make it work for you next time.

4) You Enjoy Being Intimate

While physical intimacy is nice, you long for the kind of intimacy that sees you sharing your secrets and feeling safe with another person.

You might also find yourself alone most of the time instead of being in a relationship because it’s hard to find people who can deliver on that kind of expectation.

5) You find Yourself Attracting Negative People

Because you are a good sounding board for people’s problems, you often find yourself in the middle of other people’s drama and aren’t sure how to help them.

So you do the one thing you know how to do well: listen. But this just creates more drama in your own life, so you need to watch out for negative people dragging you down with their own crap.

6) You Love Nature

When life gets to be too much, you head to nearest park or nature trail and unwind. Breathing fresh air helps to clear your head and helps you to reflect on your life.

This re-energizes you and helps you get ready for the next marathon of feeling and caring.

7) Your Heart is Huge

Empaths love everyone, no matter what. They see the good in everyone. They find reasons to be nice to people.

And that is exhausting for you. You want to help everyone and be kind, but that takes its toll on you.

However, it does mean that empaths excel in certain careers.

8) You Have a Hard Time Separating Yourself From Others

You’ll wear the feelings of others because you are so easily able to empathize with someone else.

Even though you don’t mean to walk away from a conversation feeling sad or negative, it happens. You might find yourself surprised by the feelings you take on from others.

9) You are Very Sensitive

You cry at the drop of a hat, and your heart hurts for people all over the world. But you also love harder than most and give all of yourself to your relationships.

Empathic people get to experience the true gamut of human emotion on a regular basis, and that’s pretty powerful.

10) You Know Where You Belong

No matter where you will roam in life, you have a place to call home, and you know when it’s time to head back there. You need a little rest and relaxation just like everyone else, but maybe even more so because your mental processing is on high alert all the time.

You retreat to your home and spend some time in your own head, staying in touch with yourself, and being comfortable with who you really are. This helps you stay grounded and manage all of those emotions that come your way and arise within you on a regular basis.

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