16 signs you’re an alpha female and most men find you intimidating

Gone are the days of women being meek and mousy. These days, women are taking life in a different direction than their predecessors, and it’s making some men a little uncomfortable.

If you are on a mission to create the best life for yourself, then you might be surprised to find that not everyone will like that, especially men.

Here are 16 signs that you are a strong woman who might intimidate men.

1) You Are Your Own Superhero

Just like the song, you are an independent woman. You can do everything for yourself, and wear a killer pair of jeans while you are at it.

Strong women don’t need a man to pick up the pieces of her life: she’s got that covered. Some men don’t know what to do with a woman who doesn’t actually need him.

2) You Know What You Want in Life

Nothing is more intimidating to another human being than being in the presence of someone who knows what they want in life and isn’t afraid to go after it.

Having the guts to take risks to find success is very intimidating to people, especially men who are used to providing a life for women, and not the other way around.

3) You Cherish Honesty and Vulnerability

As an alpha female, you know that it takes a real balance of being honest and letting yourself be vulnerable to the world to find success.

You have to be frank with yourself about your strengths and weaknesses, and you have to be willing to confront those weaknesses. Strong women expect their men to be the same way.

4) You are Comfortable with Intimacy

Strong women aren’t intimidated by being intimate, both physically and mentally. A confident woman is sexy in and out of the bedroom, and some men have a hard time being in a relationship with a woman who is so confident.

5) You Can Read People Well

Men don’t always realize that a strong woman is so strong because she knows herself inside and out. That kind of connection means she can spot the bullshit from a mile away.

When something or someone doesn’t feel right, it’s because she knows that they aren’t in line with her expectations in life and it doesn’t take her long to figure out someone is lying to her.

6) You Respect Others and Demand Respect Yourself

Resilient women not only respect themselves but demand respect from other people. They don’t do this by walking around with a chip on their shoulder though; in fact, just the opposite: they are living their life the way they want, and some men can’t handle that.

Men need to show you respect at all turns because you’ll show him the same kind of respect.

7) You are Intense

Sometimes you are hot, and sometimes you are cold. You love hard, live hard, play hard, work hard. Everything you do is intense.

You are getting the most out of your life. And that’s not how all men want to spend their time, especially when you are in a fighting mood. It’s just too much for some men.

8) You Know Your Worth

You don’t need a man to tell you what your life is worth, and that is awesome. If you want a man in your life, you’ll need to find a strong man who knows your worth too, but it’s not on the top of your to-do list because you are out loving life.

9) You Give Things Your All

Whether you are washing dishes or chairing a board meeting at your company, everything gets 100% of your attention.

That’s how you’ve made it this far and found so much success in your life. Strong women don’t back down from a challenge and are ready to take everything on with 100% of their being.

10) You Encourage Others to Be Their Best Selves

A Strong woman can get the job done. They know that they aren’t perfect, and they are working on improving themselves and their own lives every day.

That’s what makes the happiest. But if you are lucky enough to be in a relationship with a strong woman, you’ll become your best self, because she is working on being her best self. She’ll expect that from you, and you’ll thank her for it in the end.

11) You Like to Be in Charge

For eons, men ran the show, and while women are quickly taking over major roles in society, business, education, and their own lives, some men just can’t wrap their heads around the fact that women are large and in charge these days.

For so long, it was the man’s place to be in charge of, well, nearly everything. Women raised the children, but men did everything else.

These days, women are not only raising children, they are doing it alone, and running successful companies, and still finding time to blow out their hair so they look good.

Men just can’t handle that.

12) You Don’t “Need” a Man in Your Life

Some men like the idea of being needed. It makes them feel stronger and more important.

As you have control of your life and are happy to be alone, men can find it intimidating when they’re simply not needed.

This need often comes from their own need to be with someone, but most won’t admit that. They like to pretend they are the independent ones.

13) You Have a Strong Personality

An alpha female has a strong personality and isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

So when you start standing up for yourself and challenging conventional wisdom, a man doesn’t know how to act.

After all, despite the leaps and bounds that women have made in society, there are still men out there who would have you believe that women are the weaker sex.

Of course, it’s simply not true, but the cliches do hold many women back from chasing their own dreams.

Men should be lifting women up instead of trying to beat them down.

Everyone benefits when we give women the space they need to become what they were meant to be. But some men don’t want any part of that.

14) You’re a feminist

Some men think feminism is a sign that they are weaker. But there is room for everyone to be great on this planet.

It’s not a competition, and women know that, but men still feel intimidated by a strong, independent woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to go against the grain to get it.

Some men would rather than women return to a place of submission and not stand out in the crowd.

15) You’re okay with being “the provider” 

“Bringing home the bacon” is still a very real thing for men in today’s society, but with more women taking home the bacon on their own, the need for a man on their arm is becoming less and less important to alpha women.

What’s scary for men is that they are quickly realizing that being a provider might be all they were traditionally good for, because if women are passing up men because they don’t need their financial support, what does that say about their personalities and the other qualities they bring to the table…not much.

You’re perfectly okay with looking after yourself, your family and your lover because you can handle any responsibility thrown onto your shoulders.

16) You’re okay with taking control

An alpha female is perfectly okay with taking control and leading the charge. Whether it’s in the bedroom, at work, or with friends, an alpha female likes to be lead the way so that everyone can succeed.

However, many men are taught from a young age that they should be in control, so this is why your attitude can be intimidating for them.

What needs to change is that a man needs to wake up and ask if he really believes that he needs to be in control of everything. And until that happens, women are going to have to continue to put men in their place and do their own thing

In Conclusion

An alpha female is a strong character that knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go and get it. She likes to take control and lead the way so that everyone benefits.

Men can find this intimidating because society has taught them to take control and be the leader.

But what men need to realize is that it’s perfectly okay to take a back seat to a powerful, alpha female.

Woman have a lot to offer in leadership positions, and in many cases, do an even better job than their male counterparts.

If you’re an alpha female, be proud! You’re leading the way for a more equal society that will benefit everyone in the long run.

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