12 signs that show you’re a woman with grace and poise

Contrary to what most people think, grace and poise are more than just what you wear and how you speak; it’s how you treat others and live your life.

There are many other factors that put someone in the category of poise and class.

So if you’ve ever wondered if you live your life with poise and class, this article will clear up any doubts you might have.

Here are the top 12 personality traits that show you live your life with poise and grace.

1. You’re not arrogant

A woman with class and poise is never arrogant. She doesn’t think she is better than others.

If you have grace and poise, you also have a good degree of self-awareness.

You don’t boast about your successes to make yourself look good.

You’re tuned into how you come across and what effect you’re having on others.

You don’t one-up people to make them feel bad. Instead, you stay humble. You’d rather bring people up than bring people down.

You acknowledge compliments with politeness, but you don’t boast about it in front of others.

2. Your social etiquette is on point

You understand that humans are social animals and we must follow certain norms that facilitate interpersonal relationships.

If you’re a woman who carries herself with grace and poise, then you practice good social etiquette.

You always make an effort to acknowledge someone’s kind behavior, and whenever you get a chance to make someone feel good you take it.

Having good social etiquette is also important for how people perceive you.

You understand that if you value and respect others, and have dignity for yourself, you’ll likely make a lasting impression on others.

3. You nurture your intellect

A woman who carries herself with grace and poise is also an intelligent woman.

You read a wide range of literature and stay abreast of current events and news.

You have your own opinions, but you’re also willing to change your mind if you’re presented with logic and fact.

A graceful woman is also humble enough to understand that she doesn’t know everything.

After all, life is complex and people always have logical reasons for their own opinions.

If you’re a graceful woman, then you realize that there is something to learn from everyone you encounter.

4. You’re always dressed appropriately

A woman who carries herself with grace and poise is also a fashionable woman.

Whether you’re going to your local cafe, taking your kids to school, or attending a 5-star event, you dress neatly, elegantly, and with dignity.

You don’t wear something just because it’s trendy. You wear something because it makes you feel good.

You know that dressing classy and elegantly can make you feel more confident and elevate how you carry yourself.

You don’t make a scene with outrageous clothing. You don’t reveal too much.

Instead, you keep it classy and always dress appropriately for the occasion.

5. You know how to listen

Carrying yourself and grace and poise also means being open-minded, and being willing to hear out other people even when it’s the last thing you want to do.

Too many people these days want to simply be heard, without ever really engaging in a genuine back-and-forth conversation.

As we talked about above, grace and poise mean respecting other people, and there is no more basic way to respect another person than by hearing them out.

Of course, you still give your thoughts and opinions, but you always make sure that everyone has their voice heard.

6. You have standards

You know your worth. You’re not going to settle for a man unless he actually adds to your happiness.

You won’t be swayed by a smooth talker unless he can back it up with genuine substance.

You demand to be treated with respect. If a man acts rude or obnoxious, you’ll call him out and then kick him to the curb. You can’t stand idiocy or ignorance.

When you’ve got grace and poise, you tend to search for a life partner, not one fling after another.

You want to develop a deep connection with someone that will last the space of time.

The same goes for friends. You don’t keep up with thousands of superficial acquaintances. You keep a tight inner circle of people you know you can trust and give those people the time they deserve.

7. You carefully choose your words

Think to yourself, what’s more graceful: someone who dominates the conversation, who goes on and on and on without considering how other people feel, and who says whatever comes into their mind?

Or someone who asks questions of others and encourages them to speak up, and thinks deeply before sharing their opinions, just to make sure their thoughts are well thought out and true to them?

Obviously, a woman with grace and poise is the latter.

You think before you talk because you don’t want to offend anyone, and you want to actually add value to the conversation.

You also want others to contribute to the conversation because that might add to what you have to say and think.

8. You’re confident

Sometimes, it isn’t enough to simply know what you’re good at and what you’re not good at.

Though you might know your strengths, you could also be harboring resentment for yourself or feeling insecure about your lack of ability with your weakness.

This insecurity can affect your poise and grace because it makes you less confident and self-assured.

That’s why you know that it’s so important to accept yourself.

You forgive yourself for having your flaws. You remember that nobody’s perfect and we all have our own shortcomings.

Confidence is about accepting that, and knowing where to focus your energy.

You have little to feel ashamed about; you’re proud of who you are.

9. You dare to make mistakes

People who lack poise and grace often don’t take risks, which could mean they rarely give themselves the chance to learn something new and grow.

Growth doesn’t always happen when you get something right, but when you get something wrong.

If you’re an artist, there’s no guarantee that the art you make will be received well. Some might hate it while others might love it.

As an artist, the only thing you can focus on is making the best work you can.

If you’re a woman with grace and poise, you understand that what others think is out of your control.

You focus on your own actions and what you can do to become better.

10. You give genuine compliments 

Feeling insecure could make you begin to feel envious of people you know if they tend to keep achieving the goals you wanted to achieve.

Sure, you might put on a smile when you’re around each other, but inside you might be feeling irritated at them.

This isn’t something that people with poise and grace tend to do.

They focus on their own efforts and genuinely congratulate others for what they’ve done.

They realize that others are on a different path than them, so there’s little point in comparing themselves.

That’s why you can give genuine compliments to people.

Genuine compliments are more than about what another person looks like, but about their behavior or personality.

It’s deeper and shows that you’re confident enough to acknowledge someone’s efforts without feeling jealous.

11. You accept responsibility for what you do

One of the top signs you’re a woman with grace and poise is that you never duck responsibility.

If you do a project or agree to a deal you stick by it and accept responsibility, rain or shine.

If it succeeds then great, if it fails then damn.

But either way, you’re not going to pass the buck on someone else or try to twist it in some way.

You accept responsibility for what you do because you know that it’s only by fulling standing behind your work and your actions that you’re ever going to move forward in life and build accountability with others and with yourself.

You accept responsibility because you know that life is better for everyone when there’s full transparency.

12. You’re not driven by outer praise and recognition

We live in a world that seems to be all about clout, both online and offline.

But one of the biggest signs you’re a rare person with grace and poise is that you’re not driven by outer praise and recognition.

Do you care? Sure, of course.

But it doesn’t fundamentally change your direction or sway you to make decisions in life.

While you enjoy being appreciated just like anyone else, you don’t let it take you off track from your goals when you’re criticized.

And you don’t let praise and honeyed words entice you into projects, goals, actions, or relationships you don’t actually want.

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