These 10 traits mean you’re truly authentic and most people like you

The first thing you will notice when you meet a highly authentic person is how they lead their lives: with their souls.

They possess an insurmountable will that allows them a type of fearless courage and passion that stands strong against the toughest obstacles.

Their mental discipline is unlike any other, and they work hard to maintain the integrity that drives them.

But what does it mean to be truly authentic? The word comes from the Greek word for “original, genuine, principle” (authentikos).

And authenticity isn’t limited to the leaders and influencers of history, including innovators, historical figures, and nation-builders.

Authenticity exists in all of us, and it is only in how much we strive to develop our authenticity that matters.

It’s not your paycheck, your social status, your titles, or anything else that grants you authenticity. It’s in the way you hold yourself and live your life, the way you chase your dreams, and the way you stand up to conflict.

It’s in the development of your inner energy, which defines how “awake” you are—how much you understand yourself and those around you.

Below we have listed the 10 habits that highly authentic people all share, so that you can start living your life with more inner energy and authenticity:

1) You Learn From Your Dips

Life will never be a straight path. There are ups and downs, highs and lows, and as much as we cherish the high points of our life, we must be sure that we do not neglect the learning experience from our dips.

It can be easy to shelter yourself into believing that fate is unkind, that bad luck just happens, but truly authentic people embrace the value of every failure and disappointment.

2) You Stick To The Bigger Picture

Each day presents its own challenges: a surprising coincidence, an unexpected chore, or a task that takes you out of your plans.

But there are goals that you want to accomplish long-term, things you want to be and things you want to achieve. If you allow yourself to be distracted every time the smaller picture gets in the way, you will never find yourself moving towards the bigger one.

3) You Make Your Own Daily Rituals

Mastering yourself, your skills, and your authenticity comes from long-term consistency.

This means every single day, you take another small step towards your goal. By forcing yourself to fall into your own positive rituals, you set your body and mind onto a singular goal that cannot be missed, as long as you stay committed.

4) You Live Presently

This isn’t just about not dreaming about the future too much or not dwelling over the past. This also means living in the moment, living in the now.

Think about what you are doing right now. You are probably distracted by a dozen other things. We live most of our life distracted, multi-tasking, juggling, which means we are never truly alive in the moment of our existence.

Even with mundane tasks, learn to focus.

5) You Visualize Your Destiny

Destiny is an abstract word, yet so many of us believe in it. We believe that we are destined for a certain role in life, a certain career path, or a certain advocacy.

But the abstractness of destiny makes it hard to picture as a real, tangible goal that can be achieved. This is why you need to visualize your destiny.

Make it your intention to achieve it; turn your goal into a “where”, and work towards moving to that place every day.

6) You Achieve Goals Daily

We are often our own worst critics: we set ourselves up for huge, gigantic, year-long or life-long goals that we are bound to fail, because we were never realistic about the magnitude of our goals.

We set ourselves up for failure by aiming higher than we can jump. Instead, cut your long-term goals into smaller, daily goals that you can realistically achieve. Don’t aim to write a novel by the end of the year; aim to write a page every day.

7) You Learn To Embrace Uncertainty

The authentic person does not fear uncertainty, because the authentic person knows that their path is not and never will be prefabricated.

Every part in life is filled with uncertainty; some parts are just more uncertain than others.

8) You Adapt

The ability to survive in this world requires a certain flexibility and adaptability that authentic people know well.

While it’s important to stick to your convictions, your values, and your morals, it’s also important to know when you would accomplish more by bending, learning, and adapting to your environment rather than forcing the environment to adapt to you.

9) You Focus on Excellence, Not Perfection

Perfection is impossible, and striving for perfection can lead you to ruin. Change the goal in your mind, and shift your goal posts from perfection to excellence.

By committing yourself to perfection, you are committing yourself to failure, because nothing will ever be perfect in an imperfect world.

But by committing yourself to excellence, you will find excellence in everything you create.

10) You Surround Yourself With People Who Bring You Up

And finally, authentic people understand that the best way to stay authentic is by being around others who can influence and inspire them. You know how to talk to people in a meaningful way. 

Negativity and toxicity are contagious, and no more how strong-willed you may be, surrounding yourself with people who are trapped in their own negativity can pull you down as well.

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Written by Lachlan Brown

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