Empaths are people that have a keen sense of ability to read people and determine what is going on with people in their lives.

It also makes them very hard to be around sometimes because you can’t hide from them. If you’ve got a beef to pick with an empath, you are going to want to move on.

They can figure you out and make you sorry you ever tried to take them on. Here are 10 reasons why you should never mess with an empath.

1) They Know You are Lying

Empaths can read body language like an open book. Liars often exhibit specific body language when they are lying and empaths can pick up on this quickly.

If you are trying to pull the wool over an empath’s eyes, don’t.

2) You Can’t Fool Them

You can pretend all you want, but an empath can see right through you. Whether it’s because you took something, broke something, made something, won something – whatever it is, they can read you like you wouldn’t believe.

So keep it real.

3) They Know You are Jealous

Empaths are really in tune with people’s feelings and they can sense when people are jealous of them, and others. This makes it difficult for them to communicate with people, and vice versa.

4) They Sense Hatred

Empaths feel more fully than other people and when they are around hateful people or things it is difficult for them to separate themselves from those feelings. They will call you on your hate and put you in your place.

5) They Can Read Your Prejudices

People who judge people, talk about people, or have racist tendencies should be aware that empaths can smell that bullshit a mile away. Empaths give everyone an equal chance, but if you mess it up, you are gone.

6) They Know your Feelings

Even when you aren’t sure what you are feeling, empaths can read your body language and tell you what you are experiencing.

They know when people say one thing and mean another. This makes for interesting relationships, breakups and more.

7) They Hate Posers

Nothing makes an empath more angry than when someone is trying to be something they are not. What’s more, people who follow around fake people make empaths crazy.

So if you aren’t who you say you are, steer clear.

8) They Can Sense You’re on the Wrong Path

Even when you feel like you are on the straight and narrow, an empath can sense that something might be missing from your journey. Maybe you took a job, but you really wanted to start your own business. Empaths can tell you what you should be doing with your life, whether you want to hear it or not.

9) They Can See Fake People

Empaths rely on their keen sense of self and confidence to read people they encounter. When they meet someone who does not turn out to be as advertised, they’ll keep on walking.

Empaths have some excellent skills that help them excel in certain careers.

10) They Hate Exploiters

Exploiters put people at risk for their own gain, and empaths have a thing or two to say about that. They can see people manipulating situations from afar and they’ll be sure to point it out when it gets out of hand. If you aren’t working in service of others, you are only working for yourself.

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