Our habits define us. They engineer how we act, think and feel in our daily lives.

They can help us achieve success and happiness. Or they can lead us to experience frustration and disappointment.

So, if you’re looking to maximize your happiness and productivity, start with these 10 powerful habits.

1) Understand your “why”

Any action you take in life starts with a “why”. Everything is about knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing.

But if we take a higher level look at our lives, we need a why that directs us.

Once you have your motives and purpose in life, this will provide you with the energy and courage to continue with your journey, even during the tough days.

2) You need to schedule your life.

If you simply talk about how you want your life to look, it’s just a dream. But if you actually write down what you need to do, then you’ll be more likely to actually do it.

If you want to be happy, you need to dedicate your time to things that actually make you happy, whether it’s your close personal or professional life.

3) Think big but take small and actionable steps.

When you work out your big goals, they can feel quite overwhelming at first. It’s one of the most common reasons people don’t follow through with their goals.

However, if you look at all the small actions you need to take to achieve that big goal, then it won’t seem so overwhelming.

Break the big goal into smaller goals and it’ll feel manageable.

4) Daily routines are key.

When you do consistently is what matters compared to what you occasionally do. Habits instil discipline and structure to your day.

Make sure you have a consistent bed time, a wake up time and morning routine that gets you ready to tackle the day ahead.

5) Rest is essential.

We all need time off to recharge. We can’t be constantly working and rushing around. Make sure you dedicate enough to be alone with only your thought so you can successfully recharge.

6) Action (even imperfect) takes precedent over everything else.

Fortune favors those who show up and take action, even if it’s imperfect. You’re not only going to continually improve, but let’s be honest: planning is simply a disguised version of procrastination.

7) Commit to the long term game.

We live in a world of instant gratification. But it’s important to recognize that anything good takes time. To truly be fulfilled and succeed in life, you need pateince and determination. Everything isn’t going to work out at the beginning, nor will the journey be smooth sailing. Understand that chasing immeditate gratification only leads to long-term agony and disappointment.

8) Focus on the present moment.

So many of us focus way too much on the past and the future. However, it’s important to realize that the present moment is all that exists. Focus on the now and you’ll life will benefit because of it.

9) Be mindful of what you consume.

Many of us think that need more stuff to be happy. But the truth is, we don’t. Happiness really comes from appreciating what you have right now. If you think extra material items will make you happy, you’re mistaken. Realize that over consumption is a major cause of unhappiness.

10) Don’t compare.

Comparing yourself to others is just a waste of energy. It’s far more fruitful to focus on you and what you need to do. We’re all unique. The moment we realize that, the more we can enjoy life right now.


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