10 key traits of a classy couple

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You may have witnessed happy couples in movies, social media posts, or even real life, making you think, “I want what they have.”

They seem so at ease with each other – they look genuinely and effortlessly in love without making others uncomfortable.

But similar to many couples, there’s more to being a classy couple than meets the eye, and “couple goals” is about evolving into better people together with these 10 traits:

1) They Communicate with Each Other in a Healthy Way

Communication has always been one of the key traits of a healthy and happy relationship.

Classy couples talk about their problems by calmly and maturely verbalizing their thoughts instead of making actions and decisions out of raw emotions.

They’re honest and have enough mutual trust to be vulnerable.

They don’t shout, manipulate, or hurt one another.

I know how difficult it is sometimes to tell your significant other everything because you’re worried they might misunderstand you or act out, but it’s going to be worth it for the right person.

2) They’re Committed to Their Relationship

Commitment is one of the basic foundations in a relationship – you’re committed to being each other’s partners in life, looking after each other, and helping your significant other grow.

And no, we don’t mean being all over each other 24/7.

Being committed to a relationship means loving and caring for your partner. You accept them for who they are, including their flaws.

Being committed also means you aren’t keeping tabs on what your partner did and didn’t do.

It’s about being content with them and not looking for their lapses in other people, which often starts estrangement and toxicity in relationships.

3) They’re Secure with Their Relationship

Classy couples don’t act clingy or needy. They are secure in their relationship because they trust each other.

They establish healthy boundaries and allow their partners to hang out with other people without being insecure.

Classy couples understand that it is important to have separate interests, separate friendships, and separate “me” time for each other.

In order for a relationship to work, you need to have your own life. 

This means knowing who you are despite the relationship: knowing what you like, and what you believe in.

4) They Support and Bring Out the Best in Each Other

Classy couples don’t have a hierarchy – they know they’re a team that supports and brings out the best in each other.

They believe in their partner’s talents and capabilities and celebrate achievements.

They give each other confidence in pursuing their dreams and doing good in their careers.

In every setback, they have their partner’s backs to remind them that everything is going to be okay.

While they are each other’s no. 1 fans and cheerleaders, their partners are also their toughest critics in the best way.

They care about their partners enough to pay attention to their craft, providing constructive criticism and helping them grow.

This isn’t only about their careers, either.

A classy couple has each other’s backs but won’t think twice in calling out their partner’s unhealthy and toxic habits to help them become better individuals.

5) They Find Comfort in Each Other

Classy couples don’t need to be fancy all the time because they’re already satisfied with each other’s company.

They find home and comfort in their partners, trusting them even with their deepest vulnerabilities.

They see each other for who they are, and they feel at ease in each other’s presence.

Happy couples feel safe and secure with each other, and they get terribly homesick the moment they’re away from their partners.

6) They Aren’t Self-Centered

Classy couples aren’t selfish – they even put each other first before their own and what comes out are happy people that feel loved and valued.

They don’t dismiss their partners and listen to each other’s thoughts and feelings with utmost openness.

They establish healthy boundaries and don’t force each other to do things they aren’t comfortable with.

This positivity isn’t centered only within the relationship but also radiates to their friends and loved ones.

They are the types of couples everyone is happy to be with because they also put everyone at ease.

It’s a great time being around them because they don’t make you feel out of place at all.

Classy couples make double dates something to look forward to.

They’re one of the most trusted friends you can ever find because they also support you and treat you as family.

7) They Come Out Stronger After Challenges

Classy couples face hardships head-on because they know they’ll come out stronger if they surpass these challenges.

These trials have tested their love for each other, and while these have been difficult times, they always find their ways to their partners and resolve any problem they have.

When trials come in the way of many relationships, best believe it’s not going to be pretty.

No matter how much you love each other, you may be emotional enough to say mean words to each other, lash out, and lose control.

But strong relationships are always reminded of how much their partners mean to them.

They’re unafraid in being honest and humble and hold themselves accountable for their mistakes.

They place their biggest bets on making the relationship work and being better partners each day.

8) They Respect Each Other

I often hear about couples who say mean things, humiliate, and manipulate each other.

They talk about their partner’s deepest secrets to other people and even make fun of them when they aren’t around.

They also lie to each other and dismiss their significant other’s thoughts and feelings.

On good days, they seem terribly in love, and they can’t get enough of each other, so you might think they’re okay, but it’s actually it’s a cycle of extreme highs and lows.

While misunderstandings are normal in relationships, great couples respect each other as human beings no matter what.

They don’t resort to toxic behaviors even when they’re upset with their significant others.

Classy couples are mature enough to have necessary conversations with the utmost patience and openness.

Healthy couples accept each other for who they are and want nothing but the best for their partners.

Respecting your partner also comes with establishing healthy boundaries.

9) They Know They Aren’t Perfect

I know that being in a relationship can make you feel like you’re on cloud nine — seeing your partner makes your heart flutter wildly and it leaves butterflies in your stomach.

When you’re in a relationship, everything seems so bright, and the world cheers for your love story.

Most, if not all, fantasize about being loved and cared for by someone they’re attracted to.

But classy couples know that relationships won’t always sail by smoothly because they aren’t perfect.

We all make mistakes, and change is constant.

You and your partner will have shortcomings, and your relationship will face problems.

But happy couples have realistic expectations of each other and bravely face the possibilities of running into these challenges, as long as they’re together and take active steps to fix anything.

10) They Value Family and Friends

Classy couples celebrate each other with supportive family and friends.

They radiate love and positivity and don’t restrict their partners.

A happy and healthy couple also values their family and friends as witnesses to their love.

They are cherished support systems that make relationships worthwhile, allowing each other to grow not only with each other but also toward their loved ones.

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