A Surprising Way to Let Go of Painful Feelings and the Past

The past.

We all get stuck there at some point or another and it can be a tough hole to climb out of. The pain of the past can linger for quite some time and when you allow it to continue leaking into the present, it can start to weigh you down. Living in the past doesn’t do anyone any good and can cause more problems than anything.

We’re all aware of that it isn’t healthy, so why is letting go of the past so difficult?

Well, the universe tends to give back the same energy that we put out. When you’re thinking negative thoughts and holding in bad feelings, the world is going to send that same negative energy right back to you. It’s a vicious cycle that can be hard to break, but it can be done with a little effort and the desire to be happy.

The same can be applied to happiness. If you’re putting out this air of joy and satisfaction, the same happy energy is going to find its way into your life. But how do you get to that state of happiness? Here are three ways to help you let go of the past.

1) Allow Yourself to Forgive.

Whether the bad feeling you’re holding inside is shame, anger towards another person, or guilt, you need to learn to forgive and move forward. You should accept the guilt and shame you’re feeling and realize that it’s okay to feel that way, just like it’s okay to feel angry when someone has wronged you. But without forgiveness, you’ll never be able to move past the hurt you’re feeling. Learning to forgive yourself and to forgive others will set you free and break the cycle of negativity which allows you to find those feelings of happiness once more.

2) Let In the Good Feelings.

After you’ve forgiven either yourself or someone else, it’s normal to feel confused. You’ve just let go of some pretty significant feelings, so how are you supposed to feel now? But think of this time as a wonderful opportunity to invite in the good vibes into your heart. Now that you’ve let go of the negativity that was clouding your vision, you’re able to see all the opportunity and joy that surrounds you. Instead of sitting at home and mulling over all the things that happened in the past, invite in happiness, love, and delight.

3) Focus on What You Truly Want.

When you’re focused on the bad in your life, that’s all you can see. All of that negativity makes it almost impossible to enjoy the present. But when you’re focused on the things you enjoy and the people you love, your mind is free. You’re giving yourself permission to enjoy the here and now while also acknowledging the importance of your past. The past is not a bad place, but we shouldn’t dwell there when there is so much to love here in the present and so much to look forward to in the future.